Reader reaction to 26 Middlesbrough fans hitching a lift to Preston pub in police riot van: "Where did they all sit?"

Last Saturday 26 Middlesbrough fans hitched lift to a Preston pub in a police riot van before the North End Championship match.

By Emma Downey
Monday, 9th May 2022, 4:54 pm

In a video which has gone viral on social media, the 26 fans alongside a giant inflatable pink elephant are seen climbing out of the riot van as it pulls up outside a pub.

After watching it, amused viewers were left wondering how so many were able to fit in the van.

Lancashire Police said it is investigating why officers in Preston gave 26 visiting football fans a lift to a pub in the back of a riot van at the weekend.

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A total of 26 Middlesbrough fans were given a lift in the back of the police van

Here is a selection of what Post readers had to say.

Carrie Holmes: “But if that was anyone else they would of got in trouble one rule for one and all that."

Tracey Morris: "Where did they all sit?"

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Visiting Middlesbrough fans and their giant inflatable pink elephant after catching a lift to the pub from police in Preston. Credit: @evertonianfenny

Maria Ann Hampton: "Maybe it was done for their own safety. Well done Lancashire Police."

David Mulholland: "The driver should be banned."

Mark Wilson: "It’s a double edged sword the police have done a good deed and moved some fans to a pub and given revenue to a local pub. But there’s no way there was 26 seats in back of there and they was wearing seat belts hopefully no bobby loses there job over this but also can’t be fining people for not wearing there seatbelts anytime soon! Police force are the biggest gangsters around all there own way do as we say say not as we do."

Michael Webster Jr.: "Safety of the fans first, take them away from potential fighting."

Larry Ploughman: "Nice to see friendly community policing at its best, no power tripping."

Andy Verity: "Excellent policing."

Matthew Ridley: "Only in Lancashire."

Gillian Lloyd: "Thought it was the law to wear seatbelts."

Lewis Smithson: "Pointless trip down to get wacked 4.1 up the North End."