Protesting pensioners claim New Brook residence is being used as a drugs and prostitute den

Residents of New Brook Housing in Preston have formed a committee and are protesting in tents after claiming concerns their residence is being used as a drugs and prostitute den have fallen on deaf ears.

"It's not safe to live here and no-one is helping" said leader of the group John Fraser.

The 60-year-old has who been protesting every morning from 5am until 9pm said residents are living in fear and have been assaulted and robbed.

"We have been staging a peaceful protest in our tents outside the building. Everyone has joined bar four people.

Residents of New Brook House in Preston staging a protest against the management company

"An 80-year-old veteran Anthony Howarth has been robbed. I have it on CCTV which I have now handed over to the police.

"We have had our Christmas presents stolen, a TV taken off the wall in the communal lounge which a social worker had to replace.

"I have had threats against me and been assaulted three times."

He claims one resident is bringing drugs and prostitutes into the building.

80-year-old veteran Anthony Howarth was attacked in his own home

"I heard a commotion on the stairs where two lads and a girl were arguing over cocaine.

"I was hurled abuse at when I told them to leave and was punched in the face by the girl.

"I have reported all this but have been told that no action can be taken as there is not enough evidence."

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John Fraser of New Brook House in Preston staging a protest

He has lived in the residence for the past two years and says the stress has taken a mental toll on him.

"I am not eating or sleeping properly.

"It's meant to be secure accommodation we are paying for but we don't feel very secure.

"All we want is a peaceful environment where we feel safe.

"People have left because of this but we are trying to stop them from leaving as we need to stick together."

"Are they going to wait until someone dies before they do something?"

Jacque Allen, Deputy Chief Executive of Your Housing Group said: “Your Housing Group can confirm that we have received a complaint from a resident and have discussed his concerns. We are investigating his allegations thoroughly and will be keeping our resident, the council and the appropriate authorities updated regarding our findings and actions.”

A spokesperson for the police said investigations were ongoing.