Preston's deputy mayor is running the Manchester Marathon for Ingol charity

Neil Darby, the local councillor for Ingol, Cottam and Tanteron wants to give back to the Intact Centre in Preston.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 4:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 6:04 pm

The Deputy Mayor of Preston is running the Manchester Marathon next month to raise money for the Intact Centre, a charity and local community centre based in Ingol, Preston.

Neil Darby, who is also the Liberal Democrat councillor for Ingol, Cottam and Tanterton, will be giving all the proceeds raised to Intact, as he hopes to give back to the community centre for all they’ve done for his constituency.

Neil, 34, said: “Intact have always been brilliant but over the past 18 months of the pandemic they’ve gone absolutely above and beyond, helping out people in the local community who have really been struggling and I don’t really know what would have happened if it wasn’t for all the work that Intact have put in.

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Neil Darby, who has been a councillor for seven years, is running the marathon for his constituency's local community centre, Intact.

"All of this has also been Intact spending their money at a time when their income streams have been severely hampered, so I thought if we could try and get some money back to them it would do so much good for them and for the community!”

To prepare for the marathon, which takes places on the 10 October, Neil says he has been going on runs around Ingol every other day, but has recently increased this to daily as the date drawers nearer.

Neil admitted: “I am nervous because, although I’ve done lots of long distance running before, I've never done something as ambitious as a marathon, but I’m probably as prepared as I can ever be for trying it for the first time!”

Despite his nerves, Neil's JustGiving page has already raised £200 of his £1000 goal in its first 24 hours, a number he only hopes increases over the next three weeks.

Neil has been Deputy Mayor of Preston since 2021, as well as the Deputy leader of the Local Democrats Group since 2019.

Neil said: “If people can donate that would be absolutely wonderful, they’d be helping one of the best local charities we’ve got in Preston, and helping them to support our community, so every little really does help.”

Commenting on Neil’s challenge, Denise Hartely MBE, the CEO of the Intact Centre said: “We’re absolutely delighted that Neil has chosen Intact, we have actually been part of the community's infrastructure since 1993, so it’s great that he’s supporting us.”

The Intact Centre will also be helping Neil with his fundraising by encouraging their own volunteers to “walk for Ingol” as well, in order to raise awareness of Neil's Manchester Marathon and encourage more donations.

Denise said: "We want to try to pick up momentum by getting more people around Ingol involved because it gets people out and about before we enter into Autumn, and if we can get behind Neil and rally support, then we can help him reach his target of £1000, which would be really great, that money will help us invest even more in local services for local people."

The Intact Centre provides a range of essential services for the local community, including food parcels and back to work schemes.

To sponser Neil's Manchester Marathon visit his justgiving page.

Chief Executive of the Intact Centre, Denise Hartley MBE, in their newly renovated sensory garden.