'Never mess with a Preston lass!!' - Readers get a kick out of video showing woman Karate-kicking man out of a shop

A young Preston mum has received huge support from locals after a video emerged of her Karate kicking a man out of a shop doorway.

Friday, 10th September 2021, 2:40 pm
Updated Friday, 10th September 2021, 3:01 pm

The CCTV footage, captured in a Preston convenience store, shows a heated exchange between the woman and an unidentified man.

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Young Preston mum caught on video LITERALLY kicking man out of shop after alterc...

Moments later she quickly turns around kicking the man through the shop doorway and into the street, after he allegedly made 'indecent' remarks to her.

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A still of the moment a young Preston mum kicked a man out of shop after an altercation.

After launching the man into the street, she then calmly closes the door behind him.

Since the report Lancashire Post readers have taken to social media to show their support for her actions, as well as compliment her on the impressive technique.

Here are just some of the many reactions posted by readers - you can read the full thread here.

"Good for her! In today's world every woman owes it to herself to get some good martial arts training - you never know when you'll need it. Many years ago I got a brown belt in karate and taught self-defence to women. Had an encounter with a professor while at university and told him I'd be happy to embarrass him by putting him down in front of the entire class or he could move away. hahaha"

Nancy Kamm, Facebook

"Nice work no one should be made to feel so uncomfortable they resort to this. However what is a victory now may come back to bite her.. violence isn't the answer unless you are defending yourself. It would be viewed by the law as assault. Something tells me if this guy was being such a creeper he got a wallop for it he won't be reporting it... Hopefully"

John Paul Drake, Facebook

"The door close at the end makes it. Just needs a black and white freeze frame with some funky music."

Paul Bradley, Facebook.

"Good on you doll got what he deserved, maybe think twice before making crude remarks to women in future."

Lisa Jayne, Facebook

"Never mess with a Preston lass!!"

Karen Kwiecinska Greaves, Facebook

"Good on her!!! Many times I’ve wanted to do that!"

Sarah Emily, Facebook

"Good for her. Girl power!"

Sarah Pinson, Facebook

"Well if he was being a creep I don’t really blame her saying that she’s no idea if the guy has a disability etc"

Nicola Walne, Facebook

"Used to live off New hall lane, us girls ain’t as soft as people think! Great that she kicked him, fantastic response! He might think twice before opening his dirty mouth in future! Well done!"

Linda Lally, Facebook