Morecambe Music Festival will be ‘first real festival’ in 2021

Morecambe Music Festival is back in August and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

By Michelle Blade
Friday, 23rd April 2021, 9:28 am

The music festival was founded in 2017 by Stuart Michaels and runs for three days every summer in Morecambe but was cancelled due to Covid-19 last year.

This year there will be 25 promenade based venues taking part and plenty of music of all genres.

Founder Stuart Michaels said: “This year’s Morecambe Music Festival takes place on August 13, 14 and 15.

Festival-goers enjoying themselves at a past Morecambe Music Festival. Photo: Mike Jackson.

“July 22 was the original date planned for the festival but we wanted to be sensible and give things a chance to get back to normal before we held the festival this year.

“This year’s festival is a bit bigger than the last one in 2019, there are 25 promenade based venues signed up for the festival from The Exchange in the West End right down to the Morecambe Hotel and venues in between, making things a lot more accessible.

“We work with the venues to put as much live entertainment on as possible from bands, singers, and choirs to acoustic and cover acts, you’re likely to see every genre of music there is over the festival weekend.

“The festival has grown from strength to strength each year and brings over 20,000 people to the pubs in the town.

Festival goers at Harry's Bar during Morecambe Music Festival . Picture: Mike Jackson.

“We want it to be a responsible and safe festival but at the same time if the government says it’s fine we’ll have no problem.

“This last year has been a bit like being caught in a time machine and it was a bit of a nightmare for everyone.

“One thing I’m really pleased about is this year we have become fully self-funded, we don’t get funding from any other organisations any more.

“The success is down to the sponsors who back us.

Morecambe Music Festival venues 2021.

“We are really looking forward to it and it will be the first real festival of the summer.

“The festival is completely free.

“In my opinion the greatest thing in the world connecting people is music, it can make you laugh or cry, it has been such a dark time so what better than music to ignite the area.

“With the situation the pubs have had to go through, I wanted to give back to pubs a fantastic weekend of revenue to lift their spirits.

“We hope that after the year we’ve had that people come out and enjoy themselves but they have a responsibility to behave in a way that the festival goes ahead without any issues.

“We are coming out of a pandemic so I would ask people to comply with what the venues ask you to do and keep each other safe.”

The venues for the Morecambe Music Festival 2021 are: The Palatine, The Exchange, The Station, Boardwalk, Lord Nelson, The Chieftain, Kings Arms, Morecambe Hotel, York Hotel, The Royal, Harry’s Bar, The Midland, Cross Bay Brewery, Mason‘s, Johnny’s, Smokey O’Connors, Brittlestar, The Bath, The Pier, Festival Market, Mia Mio, Clock Tower, Jo ’n Lee’s cafe, Rita’s cafe and Vape N Stuff.

Visit the Facebook page ‘Morecambe Music Festival 2021’ for more information.

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