Lancashire school meal changes: Readers react to reduced menu due to food supply problems

School children in Lancashire will now only be offered sandwiches or jacket potatoes for lunch as supply issues continue, what did our readers have to say?

By Aimee Seddon
Friday, 1st October 2021, 11:11 am
Updated Friday, 1st October 2021, 11:12 am

Yesterday, the Post revealed that five hundred schools across Lancashire will offer a further reduced lunch menu from next week, due to food supply problems.

Starting from Monday, October 2, some schools have been told that a menu of only jacket potatoes and sandwiches will be offered until the end of the term.

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Lancashire Schools: further reduction to menu as food shortage continues

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Food supply issues are continuing to affect the lunch menu at Lancashire schools.

Lancashire County Council say they have reduced the menu to allow the kitchens a chance to restock, after the supply issues created by the HGV driver shortage.

Following the announcement, here is a selection of what our readers had to say:

Stu Porter: "Are the politicians and council leaders on reduced menus as well?"

CJ Peppard: "What a shame for the children who don't get a varied diet or hot meals at home! Also for children who have additional needs and may not like their food touching (so won't eat sandwiches) or that won't understand why their food routine is disrupted."

Colette Brooks: "I hope this isn’t true for the price us parents pay!"

Anthony Leighton Berisford: "Deploy the army to make sure our children are fed. This government aren't capable of running a bath."

Leanne Wheater: "Disgusting."

Darren Cadman: "So will the price come down?"

Sadie-Marie Murray: "I’m not happy with the choice as my lad isn’t a soup fan and will not entertain a potato be it jacket, boiled, roasted or as fries/chips, but I understand the issues around delivery and if you can’t stick to the menu then at least they are still getting good food into them. Until a mid-day supervisor tells me that my lads not eating, then he can test a good variety or soup and sandwiches."

Phil O'Reilly: "Nowt wrong with that!! Crisps butties daily for me throughout school."

Lynda Hogsden: "Still fortunate. Food is good."