Avenham and Miller Park’s fountain is being repaired and prepared for Easter after suffering water damage

The fountain in Avenham and Miller Park is finally getting repaired after being out of action for three years, and is set to be refilled in time for Easter.

By Aimee Seddon
Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 3:45 pm
Updated Friday, 8th April 2022, 10:01 am

The listed fountain, located in Miller Park, had ironically had its electrics damaged in a flood before the pandemic.

However yesterday, repair work began on the fountain, meaning it will soon be ready to return to its former glory.

Adrian Robinson, Interim Director of Customer Services at Preston City Council, said: “The Miller Park fountain has unfortunately been out of action for the last couple of years due to flooding, with serious damage to the electrical mechanisms.

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The fountain in Miller Park, Preston is being repaired and prepared in readiness for Easter

“Repairs have been delayed due to the pandemic, but park visitors will see activity at the fountain from time to time as it’s emptied from rainwater etc.

“There is a leak and it’s proving difficult to find the source of that leak, which also hampers a more permanent repair. The fountain will be filled over the coming days, as the work continues.”

The fountain was last repaired five years ago and its revival comes just in time for the Easter season and the iconic Preston egg rolling event at Avenham and Miller Park on Easter Monday.

Mark Whittle, Preston City Centre BID’s Manager and Director of Membership Services welcomed the fountain’s repair.

The fountain's electrics had ironically been damaged due to floods in 2019/20.

He added: “Avenham and Miller Parks are world class, we’re lucky to have them in our city centre. The historic fountains hold fond memories for generations of Prestonians, to have them working again is great news.

“Whilst the parks already attract a high number of visitors, we expect the fountains being in working order once again, will attract even more people to enjoy the parks this summer.”

Designed by leading landscape designer, Edward Milner, Miller Park first opened to the public in 1864, incorporating a riverside walk which had been laid out between 1847 and 1849.

According to Historic England, Miller Park has been Grade II listed since 1986, due to its date, being an early example of a municipal park; it’s design, which is essentially unchanged from its original layout; it’s designer, the famous Edward Milner; it’s historic interest, with the park being developed by Preston Corporation for recreational purposes; and the fact the park retains various listed 19th century structures, including the fountain itself.

The listed fountain is set to be refilled in the upcoming days, although a leak does still need to be found.

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