Passers-by enjoy mystery artwork on Lancashire town's wall

LOVE ALL: Romantic graffiti in ChorleyLOVE ALL: Romantic graffiti in Chorley
LOVE ALL: Romantic graffiti in Chorley
I love you with wall my art . . .

A town’s ‘Banksy’ wall is still turning heads with its latest images and messages of love and romance.

Puzzled passers-by continue to stop to look at the latest piece of artwork on the 10-feet high, white wall in Chorley town centre.

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No one sees him, or her, but the artwork suddenly appears. And it seems folk do not mind it at all.

Jean Mather, 72, of Chorley, said: “I think it’s nice. It brightens the place up and whoever it is, they’re quite a good artist. I can’t see any harm in it. It’s not like some of the others.”

Julie Liptrot, 45, of Chorley, said: “If there’s no offensive or bad language, I don’t mind it whatsoever.

“You see bad language on the bus stops.

“I think there’s a lot of worse things being done.

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“Shame there’s nothing more for people like that with a talent to do.”

She said of the artist: “It’s obvious there’s something going on in his life. He’s got a bit of an issue in his life and he’s going to do it different next time.”

Her daughter Chloe Liptrot, 19, attended the Runshaw College campus, Market Street, Chorley, the back of which overlooks the Chorley Council-run Fleet Street car park, said: “I like it. You can see it in college when I was there.”

She said she had never seen the mystery artist working on the wall, though.

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The wall belongs to the adjacent DE Jones bodyshop and not the council.

“You don’t know what I’m made of or just how much I’m capable of. You don’t know where I’ve come from or where I’m heading.

“You know nothing of my highs or my lows. You don’t know how fast I am, how strong I am, how resilient I am.

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“You haven’t got a clue what fragrance I wear or who I’m dating.

“You don’t even know my name . . . but you will.”

And next to the words, also in black, was the figure of a person, with “Partner in Crime” written across their chest.

Councillor Adrian Lowe, whose responsibilities at Chorley Council include graffiti, said: “We’ve not had any complaints about this and because it’s not causing any offence and the wall is privately owned, in this instance we wouldn’t remove it.”