Owners of twins baby carrier urged to stop using it over broken buckle fear

The manufacturer of a specialist baby carrier has been forced to issue upgrade kits for 4,000 units after reports that a key part might fail.
Warning ... these could be dangerousWarning ... these could be dangerous
Warning ... these could be dangerous

Owners of the TwinGo Carrier, designed for a parent to carry two children at once, are being asked to contact the manufacturer for a kit to repair potentially faulty buckles.

There have been reports of waistband buckles on the carrier snapping as the unit is being set up and the manufacturer is now offering a strengthened part for users to fit.

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The company says that while there have been no reports of children falling or being injured due to the component failing, the new part should be fitted to avoid any potential issues.

The problem affects three batches of the TwinGo Carrier: those with batch numbers 23014024003, 01515026003, and 21615019001. The batch number can be found on the carrier’s waistband label.

In a statement the manufacturer said: “We are recalling the waist buckles only on only three batches of TwinGo Carriers. A small number of parents reported breaking a waist buckle during the set-up phase, eg buckling/tightening, which may be due to user error. While there have been no injuries or falls, we are taking extra precaution to ensure TwinGo families have safe, high-quality parts on their carrier, and we are making proactive steps to minimize user error.

“We are offering a free remedy kit, which contains two new buckles and installation instructions. Please contact [email protected] for assistance.”

UK customers of the US brand have been asked to register on the company’s website so it can coordinate with its UK retailers to distribute the kits.