Readers' letters - May 23

Pursuit of three Cs damaging our planet

Thursday, 25th May 2017, 3:04 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:37 pm

Is there anyone in agriculture, politics or
any decision-making position who puts the only place we have to live at the top of the priority list –planet Earth?

We live on, are fed by and kept comfortable by a live, loving and extremely generous planet, yet we have over-used and abused it until it is now in imminent danger of no longer able to support any life at all due to the massive pollution of air, soil and water.

It never ceases to amaze me that only a tiny minority can see how close we are to destroying that truly wonderful gift by our constant, non-stop pursuit of the three Cs – comfort, convenience and cash.

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Research has proved how close we are to total extinction, yet the three Cs are still the main concern.

What utter fools we 


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Photo: Nasa


Protect benefits from more cuts

As a person who has lived with MS for 20 years, disability benefits are vital in helping me to live a full and independent life.

But recent changes to the benefits system have made it more difficult for me to access support.

I started receiving disability benefits soon after I was diagnosed with MS in 1997.

Last year I was asked to apply for Personal Independence Payment, the new benefit that has replaced Disability Living Allowance.

The lengthy process caused a great deal of stress and my health suffered as a result.

I was hugely relieved to not lose out on any support, but I know many others with MS who haven’t been as lucky.

There are more than 13 million disabled people in the UK.

On average, we spend an extra £550 a month more on living costs because of our conditions.

Living with MS is hard enough.

It shouldn’t be made harder by a welfare system that doesn’t make sense.

I want to be able to rely on support without the constant fear of having it taken away.

That’s why I’ve signed an open letter to the party leaders, asking for their commitment to protect disability benefits from further cuts.

You can show your support too by signing the letter at

Jean Almond

Address supplied


I now shop at Trafford Centre

Re: ‘Bus lane traffic trap’ in Fishergate, Preston. I visited the Trafford Centre recently to spend the £30 refund of the fine I was issued with last December.

Whereas I am gratified that my initial observations about the inadequacy of the signage were justified, I feel that the amount of money wasted by implementing an initiative that was found to be unworkable, together with the cost to the public purse of refunding the erroneous fines and the administration charges associated therewith, amounts to a disgrace.

I hope that the council will be more circumspect in any future initiatives.

From my own point of view, I am pleased to have discovered the joys of the Trafford Centre.

It is where I do all my shopping now.

Mrs L J Green



Don’t legalise cannabis

Anyone thinking of voting for the Lib Dems, on the strength of their pledge to legalise cannabis and to make it easier for young people to get on the housing ladder, might like to think again.

For anyone earning a low income, and looking to save for a mortgage, they could save on travel costs by cycling.

However, if cannabis is legalised, it could turn motor vehicles into serious killers.

In Italy, in 2010, a speeding driver, high on cannabis, ploughed into a group of 10 cyclists, killing eight of them instantly.

I’ll vote for the party which puts the value of life of vulnerable road users above that of a ‘sniff and snort’.

Allan Ramsay

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School’s rare double victory

Today’s Looking Back is of Ribbleton Hall Secondary School in 1962, showing second and third year students who were winners of the prestigious football trophies in Preston Schools Football.

The photo, front row, shows third year captain Nick Real, with the (smaller) Ord Cup at his feet, alongside ‘Hessie’ (Eric) Singleton with the large ‘FA-Cup styled’ Dawson Cup at his feet.

The Ord and Dawson Cups were named and donated by past aldermen of proud Preston.

Players featured, on the back row, are Bob Hughes, Terry Crompton and John Iddon.

Resplendent, on the left of the centre row, with his trademark blonde Mohican haircut is flying winger Ray (‘Greasy’) Greer!

It was a very rare occasion for any school to win both cups in the same season.

Do any of the other players recognise themselves ?

Wilf Riley

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of shoppers

On behalf of Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue Team, which had a street collection in Chorley on Saturday, May 6, can I thank the shoppers of Chorley who helped raise £535.44 for their local mountain rescue team.

The weather was sunny, lifting shoppers’ spirits and resulting in a good sum for us, showing the generosity of the people in Chorley. The money raised enables us to continue to help others who get into difficulties in and around the wilder parts of our county.

Unfortunately the team had to cease collecting early in the afternoon to assist with an injured cyclist in Gisburn Forest. We have had over 30 such call-outs in 2017.

Clive Shelley

(Treasurer BPMRT)