Readers' letters - July 20

We're facing gridlock and rise in pollution

Thursday, 20th July 2017, 7:04 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:44 pm

People who live in Lostock Hall, Bamber Bridge and Leyland and those who commute to work via the M6, M65 and M65 will know how congested London 
Way is near the Sainsbury’s and War Memorial roundabouts.

There’s near constant delays with poorly sequenced traffic lights and confusing lane marking, it’s surprising there’s not been a serious accident.

Yet Lancashire County and South Ribble Councils appear to be determined to make the situation worse by pressing ahead with the Cuerden Strategic Site including a huge Ikea, another retail park, offices, warehouses and hundreds of new homes.

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The main access to the site is only via the Sainsbury’s roundabout.

The area faces gridlock and increased pollution, not helped by hundreds of trees and hedgerows being removed.

It’s not too late.

I urge people to contact South Ribble Council to object to the development. Please write to the planning department at West Paddock, Leyland, PR25 1DH or email [email protected] quoting reference 07/2017/0211.

A very concerned resident


A bad example for children

As the grandparent of a most beautiful and loving autistic child, I read with both sadness and despair the decision made by the Cottam Primary School parents’ Leavers Party Organising Committee to exclude 11-year-old Adam Foulds from the forthcoming year six leavers’ party because “he might put all the children’s enjoyment at risk” (LP July 14).

I sincerely hope the parents who arrived at this ill-thought out, discriminating decision hang their collective heads in shame and reflect on what a disgusting example they have set for their own children.

Modern well-adjusted children learn to accept and embrace others with disabilities and respect them as individuals.

They certainly don’t learn to exclude or shun them.

I hope the children from Cottam Primary School year six have a great leaver’s party.

I also hope the parents on the organising committee make the effort to learn more about the values of compassion and inclusiveness.

Name and address supplied


Protesters put trade at risk

It was interesting to observe that, as far as we could ascertain from the coverage we saw and read of President Trump’s visit to Paris, there appeared to be no protests at his presence in the French capital.

In fact his visit appeared to be a monumental success, with the French appreciating his presence in their country.

What I think we all know will happen when he visits London later this year, or more likely early next, is that Corbyn’s loony left supporters will be out in force, shouting their abuse at him.

And all this will be taking place just when this country is crying out for a big trade deal with America as we leave the EU.

We like to think that we have a ‘special relationship’ with that country, but it is no more special than the one that France has, and I suspect not as good.

Knowing the abusive reception that he is going to get when he sets foot in our capital city, specially assembled for the purpose, one wonders why he would bother coming at all.

David Craggs

via email


Take pride in your property

Skeffington Road, Ribbleton Lane, Blackpool Road, Plungington Road – these areas are a disgrace and it’s not always the council’s duty to remove these weeds.

What is happening to Preston?

Every street, road, avenue, lane is weed-strewn.

The worst are main streets, some people have to walk on or over these weeds.

Shops, houses, businesses, all have them, along with dirty wheelie bins.

It takes five minutes to clear them.

The roots are damaging your property.

Take pride in your property and Preston.

Mrs J Alty



Different rally, different rules?

Regarding the suspension of Mrs Booth from Moor Nook Primary School for attending the UK against Hate demonstration in Manchester (LP July 7).

On the day of the Queen’s speech to Parliament, the extreme hard left organised a ‘Day of Rage’. These militants were calling on demonstrators to “bring down the Government”.

My question to school headteacher Suzanne Clough is this, if Mrs Booth had attended this Day of Rage rally, would she have been suspended?




We have peace thanks to Army

I must respond to the letter, Why single out the forces for praise?, by Royston Jones (LP Letters, July 3).

It’s through our Armed Forces that we have peace in Europe and other places in the world.

The whole idea of Armed Forces Day is that we, the general public, can show our support to the men and women that do so much on our behalf.

These men and women put their lives on the line in support of our freedom when needed.

I personally support and fully respect every one of our armed forces, not just one day a week but 52 weeks a year.

I also try to raise much needed funds for the Army Benevolent Fund and Ribble Valley Crossroad Care, that no doubt helps take care of our older citizens that perhaps have served in the military.

Regarding BAE

Systems – they pay a huge amount to the Treasury coffers.

They also keep thousands employed, who also contribute to the Treasury coffers which helps to keep our public services going.


James MBE