Readers' letters - July 12

Give new market format a chance

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th July 2017, 5:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:46 am

Exciting times for Chorley town centre. Going in early today, Tuesday and market day, it was the first day that the entire Flat Iron market has transferred to the streets surrounding the traditional covered market.

In general, people don’t like change and it took me a while to find my favourite stalls. When chatting to a number of the market traders, my opening words were, “what do you think of it so far?”

Unexpectedly the first response I got was an emphatic “RUBBISH”!

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This was followed by a few more comments which were far too colourful to be included here.

Moving on, many more traders said that other markets they attended were street markets, so they were happy with the change. I found one shop complaining that the stalls were blocking the view of his windows, but apart from that, the entire town centre was certainly busy.

Covered market traders also welcome the change, saying it should benefit them all. Certainly there were a few teething problems with access for traders and the parking of their vehicles. Nothing that can’t be sorted out over the coming weeks, I’m sure.

In the past I have always supported the keeping of the traditional Flat Iron market, but now I do agree that the new format has to be given a fair chance. As I said before, people don’t like change but ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Time alone will tell.

Graham Archer



Tell the council what you think

A lot of people have been protesting about the proposals for industrial sites at Hothersall, saying how much damage this would cause.

Maybe you think they’re exaggerating and have got it out of proportion.

Well, here is what Ribble Valley Council’s own appraisal says about the severe impact of the developments around Longridge.

There will be... “significant negative cumulative impacts on local transport routes”. “A dramatic increase in the number of private cars on local roads, particularly at peak times in and around central Longridge. Consequently a significant increase in traffic congestion is likely to occur.” “A significant cumulative impact on local landscape/ townscape character of Longridge.”

It gets worse.... “It is likely that local emissions to air will increase due to the increasing use of private cars moving in/out of employment and residential areas”. “Negative cumulative effects are likely to occur on local educational and health care facilities due to the large influx of people development of this area will attract.”

This is grim! And the appraisal adds that the Higher College Farm site “is unlikely to have a discernible effect on access to jobs”.

I have attended two planning committee meetings that were meant to debate development proposals.

There wasn’t a whisper.

They’d rather debate three new houses in a tennis court in Wilpshire.

There were even proposals for two excellent alternative employment sites at

Clitheroe. Were they discussed? NO!

What is this council’s agenda? They are meant to represent you, not their own interests.

What are their plans for Longridge? Will Preston sprawl out to engulf Longridge, Grimsargh and Goosnargh?

Tell them what you think.

Stop them now while the town is still worth living in!

Geoff Dawson


road safety

Help prevent bike accidents

I read with sadness the news of the motorcyclist killed in a collision on Preston Road on Sunday, July 1. It’s the second such fatality around Longridge in recent months.

Whilst motorcycling will never be a completely ‘safe’ activity, there are steps that every rider can take to maximise their chance of survival on the increasingly busy roads. Especially if, as in many cases, it’s a long time since you took your test!

Taking an additional rider training course is a positive action to help you ride more safely and manage the hazards all road users face… but which can be fatal on two wheels.

Lancashire Police offer one day BikeSafe training sessions – – which are a great place to start (and they offer funding for additional training). IAM RoadSmart offer Advanced Rider Courses through local groups like ours – If you ride a bike, please consider improving your chances of getting home safely – get some refresher training now.

Dave Little


South Lancashire Advanced Motorcyclists


Fans must give Alex full support

Good luck to the chosen manager of PNE.

I honestly wanted ‘Moysie’ but, to be realistic, his tenure has been disappointing since he left North End, apart from Everton where David did a very good job.

We MUST give the Scotsman and ex-Canary Alex Neil our full support. He got big gates at Carrow Road, which he won’t get at Deepdale because not enough people come.

But we can probably hope for Premiership football, even in about three years at the earliest. BUT, and it’s a big BUT, would people come then because it will become more expensive?

I go whatever division we are in but there are not a lot of supporters like me.

Our home gates are pathetic. Where are the 30,000 who saw us thrash Swindon Town at Wembley?

Brian Lockley



Diesel’s the real culprit

So Parliament now plans to ban smoking in outdoor public places. Surely smoking outdoors is nowhere near as harmful as emissions from vehicle engines? I wish lawgivers would stop this witch-hunt against smokers and concentrate on the true cause of air pollution i.e. dirty diesel.

Aled Jones

via email


All weeds and no pride in area

Re: weeds (LP July 5). I live in the All Saints area of Preston. It’s a disgrace with weeds, buy-to-let has ruined this area. Lazy households can’t even pick a few weeds off their fronts. Lovat Road is the same, with flower beds full of nettles. Why can’t people who don’t work or have community service do it?

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