Readers' letters - January 8

We're right to leave the doomed union

Friday, 12th January 2018, 1:52 pm
Updated Friday, 12th January 2018, 2:55 pm
Were right to leave the doomed union says a reader. Do you agree?

Re: Brexit. There are already many things to be positive about, including increased manufacturing output and a long line of countries that want a trade deal with us once we leave the EU shackles.The greatest, if unpleasant, revelation has been the open contempt we ordinary English are held in by the majority of full-time politicians. Further, there is no good reason to maintain the House of Lords which should be abolished forthwith. Some Peers of the Realm appear to be suffering from narcolepsy. These Peers have not been elected but selected by the likes of Blair, Cameron and Clegg who have stuffed Parliament with self-serving mediocrities. They seem to indulge in legal but morally reprehensible manoeuvres to maximise their overgenerous expense claims.The House of Lords does not need replacing. A single chamber Parliament would be more efficient and it could select a cohort of its members for the special purpose of checking the efficacy of proposed legislation. Furthermore, we desperately need a turnover of incumbents. No-one should be an MP for more than 20 years continuous service. This would have the bonus of barring Theresa May, pictured, from office.The BBC should highlight the attendance, voting record, and interests of all MPs and hold them to account in its self-appointed role of ‘voice of the nation’. Whilst on the subject, postal voting is unfit for purpose. It should be only for the very infirm. The EU is doomed and will probably collapse before we finally move to Brexit and thus we will be liable for some of the costs of the bankruptcy. Already the Visegrad Group (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and now Austria) is engaged in diplomatic hostilities with Brussels. These will reach boiling point this year.In March, Italy has a critical General Election and it is highly likely that most votes will go to Italexit parties, leading to a financial breakdown of the euro. Meanwhile, Germany still has no government in office due to failed coalition talks and the rise of the populist AfD party. Edward JohnsonColne

crimeWhere’s the punishment?On Christmas night, I was stuck in front of the TV due to illness, and, with nothing better to do, I sat through four hours of Police Interceptors, Motorway Cops, you know, the usual police reality shows. That was eight (!) half hour programmes. The police chased and caught banned drivers, drink and drug drivers, motorists with no tax, driving licence, MOT or insurance, burglary and firearms culprits, The police were verbally and physically assaulted. Only two of these criminals got a custodial sentence! One for a measly three months, and another for a year, which in reality means he’d be out on the streets again in five months. Oh yes, some did get jail sentences, but of course, they were ‘suspended’ sentences, so they didn’t go to prison.What is the point of the police chasing, and risking life and limb to catch these idiotic couldn’t-care-less law-breakers, if the courts don’t back them up with severe punishment, ie JAIL! The justice system in this country now is a complete joke and a farce, thanks to the left wing liberal elite, and is a direct result of 12 years of a Labour Government that forced political correctness on the country when in power. God help this country if ever Corbyn, Abbott, McDonnell, and the smug Emily Thornberry ever get into Downing Street. I honestly don’t know why the police don’t just give up when they see the ‘punishment’ these low-life thugs get after being caught and taken to court.Disgusted CitizenChorley

politics‘He had already lost his mind’ Donald Trump accused his former political chief strategist, Steve Bannon, pictured, of having lost his mind when he lost his job. I would contend that he must have lost his mind previously, even thinking of working for super egotist Trump. That a man, holding the position of the most powerful man in the world, can tweet that he would destroy an entire country by nuclear attack, should scare the entire world, not just North Korea. A child’s knowledge of geography would be aware that such an attack would also involve at least four countries, South Korea (USA’s ally), China, Russia and Japan. Or would he regard that possibility (inevitability) as collateral damage?Denis LeeAshton

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POLITICSFreedom of speechHow does President Trump’s attempt to ban Steve Bannon’s book on the operation of the White House sit with his Presidential duty to protect the constitution, including the first amendment – freedom of speech? Let freedom of speech become more than a talking point.Dennis Fitzgeraldvia email

gratitudeThank you for returning purseI would like to say thank you to the couple who found my purse outside Ingol Post Office, Preston, and returned it to my home.Mrs M GreenwoodIngol