Readers' letters - February 27

Worden ParkWorden Park
Worden Park
Giving town's jewel a new lease of life

Thank you for your coverage of South Ribble Council’s plans for the historic Worden Hall (LP, February 6). As the Cabinet Member for Corporate Support and Assets at the council, these plans fall under my portfolio and I felt compelled to write in.Worden Park is rightly known as the jewel in Leyland’s crown and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every year.As a council, we know just how important Worden Park is to our residents and recognise there’s a real will to make use of the historic hall.We’ve been working really hard to develop plans that would give it a new lease of life and one of several options is to use the facility to host weddings.We’re already working on organising an artisan market there in April and I do hope your readers will visit and enjoy an afternoon in the grounds of our wonderful Green Flag park.Worden Park and Worden Hall are just as important to us, the members of South Ribble’s Cabinet, as our residents, and that’s why we are working so hard to make sure we have the right plans in place for the future of the landmark.I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s involved in developing those exciting proposals and I look forward to presenting an update for your readers in the coming months.Coun Colin ClarkSouth Ribble Council

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nostalgiaGrammar school teamThe photograph of the football team sent in by Wilf Riley and published in the LP (Looking Back, February 23, pictured inset) was, against expectations, not taken outside a church but in front of the main entrance of the old Preston Grammar School facing Moor Park. It features the PGS First XI Soccer team and the ‘stern-looking’ headmaster was Norman Hodgson (1926-47), who was actually very well thought of and who established the School Camp in Nether Wasdale. The ‘beautifully-crafted chair’ in which he is so regally seated was the official Headmaster’s Chair and had been removed from the Grammar School building in Cross Street in 1913. Principally of quasi-Tudor/Jacobean design, it had at one time been considered to be original and of value, but it was in fact a product of those masters of confection, the Victorians. It was also used by Presidents of the PGS Old Boys’ Association at functions and I should perhaps add that for some headmasters, it was a useful aid to the art of caning (happy days!)It was recently returned to its spiritual home and now has pride of place with the Moor Park High School and Sixth Form. David (Charlie) Billington Secretary PGSAtransportDoing the Hokey-cokeyWhat is this obsession that Chorley Council has about ‘building car parks’, often at the expense of demolishing perfectly good, sound buildings? They would be better advised to improve local bus services. Many parts of Chorley Borough have appalling or non-existent bus services.As for the Flat Iron car park – it reminds me of the Hokey-Cokey. Tarmac in – Tarmac out. In – out, in – out, shake it all about. Do the Hokey-Cokey and you turn around. That’s what it’s all about! Etc, etc.Paul TateChorleytransport‘Avoid the potholes’It strikes me that Virgin and Northern Rail are missing out on a marketing opportunity. An adopted slogan, “Avoid the potholes and travel in comfort and safety” seems extremely appropriate for the rail companies, considering the appalling current condition of our roads which are an absolute disgrace.Jim OldcornGreat HarwoodusaGuns and teachersTo whom it may concern: Are you quick on the draw? Can you shoot first and ask questions later while dealing with a class full of panic-stricken children? There is a career for you as a teacher in the USA. Guns and ammunition will be supplied.Help make America great again. Apply to D. Trump, Washington D.C.John PrancePenworthamTRANSPORTClamp cars until fines paid

Why not clamp cars that have multiple offences and only release on payment to fines (LP February 19)?Name and address supplied

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