Readers' letters - February 26

I want to leave failed EU

By The Newsroom
Friday, 26th February 2016, 3:59 pm
Updated Friday, 26th February 2016, 5:00 pm
Protesters scuffle with each other in Greece. A reader says the EU enforced austerity on the Greeks, causing poverty. See letter
Protesters scuffle with each other in Greece. A reader says the EU enforced austerity on the Greeks, causing poverty. See letter

Under a Tory Government, it makes absolutely no sense to stay in the European Union.

I support freedom of movement and oppose racism.

In the UK, unfortunately, we are facing savage cuts at every level. Not enough houses, privatising social housing, NHS crisis, school class sizes, people unable to get a doctor’s appointment, closure of Sure Starts, benefit cuts – the list is endless. We all know this is as a result of a Tory Government.

Then we see the privatisation of our NHS which the EU is forcing on us.

With savage cuts, who are the people who suffer?

Ordinary people.

Then what about the EU in recent years? A right-wing German-led Europe enforcing austerity on the Greek people, causing immense poverty and suffering. The EU has treated migrants disgracefully. First, they let many drown, then they built walls of barbed wire, and now thousands will be forced to live in steel containers. The overwhelming majority are fleeing war, persecution and poverty.

What about the EU’s fundamental principles? It’s now allowing the UK to openly discriminate against migrants. We are likely to be stuck with a Tory Government for a generation.

I can’t think of anything worse for our country.

This is certain if Cameron wins his referendum.

It is widely predicted if Cameron loses he will be forced out – views of BBC correspondents, Sky correspondents, Tory MPs, Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Alex Salmond – and it is my view.

If we reach this point, the Tories will elect a new leader who will become Prime Minister. This person will be perceived as having no mandate from the British people and an early general election could be triggered.

This prospect has to be better than voting remain, ensuring Cameron and the Tories stay in power for a generation, declaring a historic victory on the backs of ordinary people.

Then there are the billions we are giving to the EU.

What the Tories are doing to this country is disastrous for ordinary people, and what they are doing to the EU is equally as bad.

Europe is failing and we should leave.

Tony Benn opposed EU on a point of democracy. It is an undemocratic institution.

I will be voting leave, knowing we are leaving a failed undemocratic EU which is putting at risk our NHS, is failing migrants, imposes austerity, condones discrimination, and there is the practical fact that, while we have a Tory Government which is likely to be in power for a generation, all we are doing is supporting the suffering of ordinary people here in the UK and cementing the Tory position for a generation.

Michael Moulding, address supplied

No excuse for wearing real fur

Regarding London Fashion Week, which has been taking place this week, I have heard that real fur has been making a comeback. I’m not just horrified, I’m confused as to how this has happened.

There are fake – some very realistic – alternatives available. Do real fur wearers not realise this?

Fur is not a by-product of meat (which leather is) but animals are killed for one reason only – their skin. After all, who has ever eaten fox or mink?

Of all the things an animal is killed for, fashion must surely be the most superficial and meaningless.

And no, real fur wearers, it’s not in the remotest stylish, beautiful, or luxurious.

(Unless one believes torture and cruelty are these things).

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I say anyone – man or woman – who knowingly wears real fur and cares not a jot how or where it came from must be a rather unattractive person.

We’re living in 2016, yet sometimes I fear we’re going backwards with our moral attitudes.

Jane, Lancashire

Andy Beattie didn’t score

I refer to the item about PNE in the 1938 FA Cup Final (LEP Letters, February 22).

I’m afraid that the item is incorrect in that it was not Andy Beattie who scored the winning goal for North End.

That honour went to George Mutch who scored from the penalty spot in the last minute. The team was: Holdcroft, Gallimore, A. Beattie, Shankley, Smith (c), Batey, Watmough, Mutch, Maxwell, R. Beattie, O’Donnell.

As a matter of interest, in the previous season’s cup final, North End were beaten 3-1 by Sunderland. The team that day was: Burns, Gallimore, A. Beattie, Shankley, Tremelling(c), Milne, Dougan, Beresford, F. O’Donnell, Fagan, H. O’Donnell.

Cliff Nuttall, Penwortham

Morrisons staff were so helpful

I regularly shop at Morrisons in Southport, Preston and Leyland. This morning, in Southport, I had just left my car and was heading for the store entrance.

Whilst looking round for the pay machines, I stumbled on the curb and fell heavily, badly cutting my left elbow and my left knee.

I got up and entered the shop, where I was magnificently attended to by Julie and Diane.

They sat me down and made me a cup of tea. They then cleaned and dressed my wounds and made sure I was okay, before allowing me to make my way to the café where I enjoyed my breakfast. I then did a small shop before driving off home without any worry that my wounds would get worse and become infected.

I am extremely grateful to Julie and Diane, who are an absolute credit to the Morrisons company.

Thank you again to Morrisons, and in particular to Julie and Diane. If I ever needed proof that Morrisons is mine and my wife’s chosen supermarket then I certainly got it today.

Ron Strickland, Longton

Spend £3,000 more wisely

Apparently, maternity payments are to be offered to all mothers who want to give birth at home. Nice when the NHS England can find the money for some things.

In my view, this proposed £3,000 could be much wisely better spent. But, who am I? I’m just a bloke!

Darryl Ashton, Blackpool