Readers' letters - August 16

Why is Brexit vote so controversial?

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 16th August 2017, 6:13 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:28 pm

It has been longer than 13 months since the vote to leave the EU beat the vote for remain in a very close referendum.

I can’t understand why Brexit is still very controversial, despite the economy improving since the referendum.

Economic confidence is booming because we are supposed to be leaving the EU at the end of March, 

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The Remainers (nicknamed Remoaners) were still crying in London on the first weekend of this month, when they demonstrated against 

Being ruled from abroad in Brussels by unelected bureaucrats is the real thing they should be protesting against.

They must be the all-time record cry babies after being on the losing side of what should be a democratic 

Even demanding a re-run of the referendum is undermining democracy and trying to unfairly load the dice against the leave 

If the referendum went the other way, the Remainers wouldn’t have liked it either if the Leavers complained so vehemently.


Lostock Hall


Give medical centre support

I am sure I am not on my own in hoping Ribble Valley Borough Council will approve the current planning application for the extension of Berry Lane Medical Centre, Longridge.

The GPs and their team at this practice are one of the top performing GP surgeries in Preston, Chorley and South Ribble and are very much valued and appreciated by their patients.

They are indeed to be congratulated on their foresight in seeking to ensure that their medical facilities are able to meet the increased demand from people coming to new developments in the area, and maintain their high standards of care.

It is very disappointing that Longridge town councillors have recommended refusal of the application.

We are all aware of the status of the recreation ground and the value of recreational space in the town.

The proposed extension to the current medical centre will, however, take only a small proportion of the recreation ground and will ensure that the future medical and health care needs of the community are given the priority we all wish to see.

There was a suggestion that the medical centre’s proposals should be changed to build upwards rather than at ground level. This seems wholly inappropriate, given that many patients are elderly, disabled or are parents with babies and young children.

We must hope that Ribble Valley planning committee do the right thing for the people of Longridge and surrounding villages and give our GPs the support they deserve by granting permission for their application.

Judith Clark, PhD BSc,

Address supplied


Rare relic on our streets

A rare Edward VIII postbox on Scotforth Road, Lancaster, in front of Higher Greaves Pharmacy, can now be viewed in a much tidier setting after work was carried out to clean up the area around it.

The postbox, as some readers may know, has historical significance because King Edward’s reign lasted only 11 months in 1936 before his abdication.

During that time about 160 of these post boxes were made and there are now only around 120 still surviving, out of about 116,000 post boxes across the nation.

Pharmacist Simone Deidda, of Higher Greaves Pharmacy, got in touch with me to ask if the area around the post box could be tidied up.

He said people travel from all over the country to take pictures and videos, and to send letters from this post box.

I contacted Lancaster City Council who quickly responded by cleaning up the area and relocating a litter bin which was next to the post box.

I would like to thank council employees for their work and Simone for contacting me.

Ronnie Kershaw

Labour City Councillor for Scotforth West


I might move

to socialism

I am in my 70s, and have been Conservative all my voting life. I actually worked for the party. Yet, unless the current party address the following, I will not only vote socialist but work for them.

a) Widening gap between those who have and those who don’t have;

b) North/South divide. For instance, not electrifying all the way to Leeds (one week after saying ‘diesel kills’);

c) Stop hiding behind ‘public service workers’.

Firefighters, nurses and the police are fully trained, highly skilled, dedicated people. Their jobs are not just nine to five but are more 24-hour and seven-day, needing an instant response.

Return their respect.

Capping seven years ago maybe, but it should have been for everybody, not a selected, dedicated few!

William Gilson



Make goals long-term

I am sorry but if the NHS has failed to meet a target for a number of years then the fault lies not with the NHS but with those setting the target. It is obvious the amount of money and resources are not adequate to meet the target.

Perhaps the targets we should be concentrating on are new teaching hospitals, recruitment and training.

If these aren’t met, we will continue not to meet targets. Health and education are not cured by short-term targets but by longer-term goals. Unfortunately, this doesn’t suit politicians who won’t be around for the plaudits.

David Collins

via email


Enjoyed seeing the vikings

The Heysham Viking Festival, pictured, held over two days, was a great event. Despite showery weather on the Saturday, this didn’t seem to stop the many visitors enjoying all the activities and stalls, myself and my friend included. I spoke to many visitors, some travelling from Manchester and the Lakes, all pleased to be visiting.

Mrs A Sandbach

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