Parliament without Tories?

Is the Conservative Party coming apart at the seams to an extent that's beyond repair?

Tuesday, 24th July 2018, 7:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 24th July 2018, 8:22 am

Never before have the Tories been involved in so much internal blood-letting, turmoil and back-stabbing, brought about by the conflict over Brexit.

Hitherto, the Tories have always been renowned for their party loyalty and discretion, invariably managing to keep any problems they had under wraps.

But now, they’re doing themselves immense damage by seeming to rejoice in washing their dirty linen in public, and with a catalogue of resignations. Do they not realise the electorate is fast losing patience?

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Theresa May surely has enough on her hands in dealing with the recalcitrant Brussels negotiators, without leading a bad-tempered party more concerned with fighting each other than fighting Labour.

People always say that whatever happens, the Tory Party will always be there. But I am not so sure this time.

The snarling and internal hatred is now so deep-seated that the party could split down the middle to create two opposing factions.

The idea of a Parliament without a traditional Conservative Party may be unthinkable, but it may not be impossible. Party officials need to act fast before disaster strikes.

The road to Brexit gets no smoother. It is littered with potholes, U-bends, and every other hazard and obstacle you could think of.

The Brussels negotiators seem to be squeezing every drop of blood out of the UK and the whole drama has left numerous casualties along the way. None of it a pretty sight.

The irony is that when we first applied to join the Common Market, we were barred. Now we are having difficulty getting out!

However, the arrival of Dominic Raab as Brexit Secetary can be nothing but beneficial to the UK in the Government’s struggle to achieve a fair settlement to the problem.

Raab (pictured) is a martial arts man as well as a no-nonsense politician of considerable verve, and should shock the Brussels negotiators out of their smugness, to realise that the UK really does mean business.

Raab won’t let them off the hook.