The tiny panda rolling over is cute but really....

It has been one of those weeks when I want to shout '˜get some perspective, people' then retreat back to my cave with a large gin and tonic and a grumpy look on my face.
Nicola Adam, Group EditorNicola Adam, Group Editor
Nicola Adam, Group Editor

First on my list is ‘news’ that a reasonably popular reality TV show involving baking and burning cakes has changed the channel it may be screened on due to a business deal.

This shake-up of a show involving a tent and soggy bottoms has caused a (social) media storm that has far outstripped the story of polar bears besieging scientists in the Arctic since August, leaving them trapped in a building.

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Never mind the Paralympics ‘gold rush’ – Bake Off bosses are counting the spoils of a golden handcuff deal with Channel 4.

The political resignation of a former Prime Minister pales into insignificance after news Mel and Sue will critique their last scone this season.

The reintroduction of grammar schools... you get the picture.

But it is not just here in the UK we seem to have lost track of what is important.

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Over in the maelstrom of bonkers that is the US election campaign, news is in that Hillary Clinton – 68 – almost fainted in million degree heat because she has been working despite having pneumonia.

This immediately triggered reports that she is in incapable of being president.

A message presumably mooted by the opposition but then given credibility by real people.

So a women who didn’t even take a day off when she has pneumonia is not strong enough to be president?

She went home sick for, like, five minutes.

We’ve all been there.

So actually what?

She is hard as nails and possibly indestructible.

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When the world explodes it will just be cockroaches left – and Hillary.

And presumably one of the cockroaches will go by the name of Trump.

Of course the qualities of any future leader are important, but to put the fainting episode in context, the fact that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte may have ordered the killings of around 1,000 criminals and political opponents while he was a city mayor – including allegedly feeding one of them to a crocodile – seems to have caused few ripples.

Meanwhile, as the internet goes wild about the video of the tiny baby panda trying to roll over, over in Indonesia, Brits have been seriously injured in a deadly blast on a boat in Bali.

But the panda – so cute.

It might just be me.

I am really grumpy after all.

We all need a little lightness in our life.

And cake.

But we also need to get a grip.