PCW’s Steven Fludder - I can feel my stress levels rising!

This week has had its ups and downs.

Friday, 21st November 2014, 1:11 pm
PCW owner Steven Fludder

As next weekend approaches I can feel my stress levels rising! I did lose it a little this week and well and truly thrown my toys out of the pram. The academy encountered yet another delay and even though I submitted a very simple planning application for the academy in mid October, it could be January before its even approved. All I am doing is changing the use from industrial to leisure and not even putting so much as a nail in the wall.

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After a day of being angry and annoyed I did get back to work on the huge shows approaching at the end of the month! All Eighteen flights are booked and VISA paperwork completed. I now only have to fight through one more week of hibernation while I plan and prepare for the biggest weekend of my life. Five shows in three days with two shows in different countries at the same time! Its all a little crazy right now but I will get there in the end. I always do but if you don’t worry you don’t care about what your doing.

After all the madness I need to relax. Now my idea of relaxing is unconventional but the plan is a PCW holiday to Tenerife with T-Bone, Chris Masters, Uhaa Nation, Tomasso Ciampa and a few other friends. I am going to drink until I pass out and try actually keep away from my mobile phone for a few days. If we don’t all end up being deported within two days I will be very surprised!

If you want to attend this weekend then keep in mind shows one on Friday, Two and Three on Saturday are sold out but Sunday November 30th still has a few tickets remaining. To order tickets go to www.prestoncitywrestling.com