Column:I have the key not the secret; radio diaries

Nicola @chorleyfmNicola @chorleyfm
Nicola @chorleyfm
I have a key so it must be official.

They’ve let me loose.

The airwaves are never safe again following my radio sign-off which means I am deemed capable of running the show.

So on Sundays, from late July, I will be launching my new morning radio show from 9-12.

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Being signed-off means the experts have watched me run the radio desk on Chorley 102.8 FM and decided that, despite low level muppetry when it comes to pressing the right buttons and a penchant for being distracted by fascinating radio facts or dog videos on Twitter, I’m unlikely to make a major error or make too huge a fool of myself when not under scrutiny.

I would just like to point out that as a life-long journalistic desk-jockey, this does not mean I will not make mistakes.

I may have been let loose but I’m still greener than grass in spring in the radio world, albeit a time-served hack in the world of newspapers and online journalism.

While I was training, my bete noir was the weather which means I seem incapable of the simple task of reading out the weather without stumbling over one-syllable words like ‘sun’ and ‘rain’.

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It’s perhaps because I have been living with the honour of such a role.

Never did I think I’d add the phrase ‘weather girl’ to my CV.

Actually, probably safer if I don’t.

Meanwhile I have been gaining in confidence at my presenting and live-interviewing.

Don’t hate me radio world if I say that live-interviewing (though I have been lucky with my interviewees) seems easier when not trying record the entire thing in faultless shorthand.

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You can look at the person you are conversing with for a start, though it is complicated by making sure you have not run out of time or missed the news.

So I’ve been handed a key and the go-ahead and I’m pretty terrified but also, can’t wait to start planning out the new show, which I will be doing from my holiday sunbed (hoorah).

I’m planning my book club and some interesting guests so get in touch at [email protected] if you want to get involved .

I’m so excited - but though I may have the key I don’t have the secret to top radio just yet.

Still learning.

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