Less than half of north west children have ever climbed a tree, survey reveals

A new survey has revealed that children in the region are better at identifying a Pokemon than a species of bird.
Tree climbing is on the decline in the north westTree climbing is on the decline in the north west
Tree climbing is on the decline in the north west

Isle of Man tourism conducted the research which found that only 44 per cent of North West children have ever climbed a tree, compared to 70 per cent of their parents.

The survey also revealed that North West children are more au fait with tech than nature as the region’s kids are found to be more familiar with Pokémon characters than common garden birds, and 4-in-10 (40%) see more nature on TV or in video games than in real life.

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In the North West, 77 per cent of kids can correctly identify a Pikachu compared to just 56 per cent who can spot a Sparrow, likely linked to the fact that 81 per cent of local children have never gone birdwatching.

The results found an alarming 52 per cent of under-16s in the North West spend less than four hours a week playing outside, with 18 per cent spending less than two hours enjoying the fresh air each week.

The findings are in stark contrast to the outdoor pursuits of their parents who, at their age, spent an average of ten hours a week playing outdoors.

Isle of Man Tourism said it has created a round-up of outdoor adventures and activities for families on the island, available to download at http://www.visitisleofman.com/anislandplayground

Explorer Ray Mears has visited the Isle of Man recently.

He said: “I feel very passionate about getting our kids outdoors, learning to respect, love and appreciate the beautiful natural environment that we’re lucky to have in the British Isles.”

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