Is this the world's most middle class spirit?

Quinoa vodkaQuinoa vodka
Quinoa vodka
A retailer has unveiled the world's most middle class spirit - vodka made out of '˜super-grain' QUINOA.

The grain, popular with foodies in superfood meals, has been used by manufacturers to create an strong alcoholic Fair Trade drink trendy enough for hipsters to enjoy.

Producers have sourced the super-grain from the Bolivian volcanic soil in the Altiplano (corr) plateau in the Andean mountains, which stands over 3,000m above sea level.

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Sold by online retailer Firebox, the gluten free drink which has an alcohol content of 40 per cent can either be enjoyed neat or added to lime and a thin slice of ginger to create an Andean Mule cocktail.

Quinoa, which is considered a superfood because of its nutritional content, was first eaten by the Incas over 5,000 years ago.

A Firebox spokesperson said: “This Fair Trade vodka’s award winning taste comes from specially selected quinoa and a proprietary production process that is the result of a two-year joint research project between French distillers and Andean farmers.

“For everyone cultured enough to know you say ‘keen-wa’ then this is the status symbol spirit for you.”