Two people caught trying car door handles in Leyland arrested

Two people have been arrested after they were caught trying car door handles in Leyland.

Officers responded to reports of people attempting to open car doors in the Bent Lane area around 3am Thursday (August 26).

Two people were arrested as police arrived on the scene.

"Thank you for making us aware of these issues and reporting crimes in our community," a spokesman for Lancashire Police said.

Anyone with information about a crime can call police on 101 or report it online HERE.

If a crime is in progress, call 999.

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Preventing car and vehicle theft

Two people have been arrested after they were caught trying car door handles in Leyland.

Follow these rules to help protect your car:

- Lock your vehicle

Locking your vehicle, even when filling up or parked on your drive, greatly reduces the possibility of it being targeted by an opportunist thief.

Even if you have locked your vehicle, check you haven't left any windows or the sunroof open.

- Keep the keys safe

Vehicles today are by and large more difficult to steal than ever, unless the thief can access your key or fob to clone them.

Keep your keys safe, out of view when at home, and away from your front door.

- Be aware of carjackers

The fact that you're in the car isn’t always a deterrent to someone trying to steal it.

In traffic, drive with the doors locked and when queuing leave enough space in front of your vehicle to enable you to get out of a tight spot.

If your vehicle is bumped from behind, wait to pull over – somewhere safe and preferably where there are people.

- Park responsibly

It's always advisable to avoid parking in dark and secluded areas.

It's worth an extra five or ten-minute walk if it means your vehicle is left in a well-lit and busier street.

- Watch for illegal tow trucks

Thieves often attempt to lift vehicles from the street, literally.

So, if you see a towaway crew acting suspiciously - especially if their vehicle isn't branded or if they're not in uniform - then report it immediately.

As with every report of suspicious behaviour made in good faith, the police will never blame anyone for calling them if it proves unfounded.

- Fit good in-car security locks

Bear in mind that built-in steering locks aren’t necessarily thief-proof.

Many can be forced and broken.

Fitting a steering wheel lock, gear lever or clutch pedal security device can give your vehicle added protection.

- Double-check electronic locking

Electronic devices can be used to jam the electronic signal from your key fob to lock your vehicle.

Always manually check your vehicle has locked before walking away.

If unsure, lock it manually, then scan the immediate area for anyone hanging around. If a potential thief who's watching feels they've been spotted, they'll probably move off.

- Secure your port

Many modern vehicles are fitted with engine management diagnostic ports, which can unlock and start your vehicle.

If your vehicle has this type of port, consider fitting a lockable cover.

You can find out more by visiting the Metropolitan Police website by clicking HERE.

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