Travellers vacate Fulwood Business Park 48 hours after visit from police

Travellers have left an office car park in Fulwood less than 48 hours after moving on to the site.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 12:07 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th October 2019, 1:07 pm
A number of rubbish bags were found dumped in the empty car park this morning (October 10)

A small convoy of travellers moved onto the car park of Holborn House, formerly DWP offices, in Fulwood Business Park at around 9am on Tuesday (October 8).

Large concrete barriers had been used to secure the empty office site in Caxton Road, which has recently been sold to a private buyer.

But the concrete barriers had been moved to allow caravans to access the site.

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'Private car park' signs at Holborn House in Caxton Road, Fulwood Business Park have been vandalised after travellers were asked to vacate the site

Three caravans had set up camp, along with a black Shetland pony seen grazing near picnic benches next to the car park.

Lancashire Police were called to the site and spoke with members of the traveller community.

Patrol cars were then used to block the car park entrance, preventing more caravans from accessing it.

But by Thursday morning, all three caravans had vacated the car park, leaving a small amount of rubbish behind.

A child's bike has been abandoned and bags of overflowing rubbish are scattered around the car park

A number of bin bags have been left with overflowing rubbish scattered across the car park. A child's bike has also been abandoned.

'Private car park' signs at the entrance - warning of "no authorised parking" - have been vandalised and knocked off their posts.

It is not known whether the travellers left the site late on Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning.

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Travellers set up camp in Fulwood office car park
The signs have been knocked off their posts and scattered around the car park

Commercial property consultants HDAK, based in Preston, said it had recently sold the property on behalf of its private owner.

The firm said they notified the new owners immediately after learning of the travellers' arrival on Tuesday.

Travellers gained access to the car park at Holborn House in Caxton Road - formerly the DWP offices - by moving large concrete barriers from the entrance