This is so evil and disturbing, beyond belief! - Locals react to video of homeless man being threatened in Preston

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Disgusted locals have been making their feelings felt on social media after footage emerged of teenagers in Preston threatening a homeless man with a knife and then burning his sleeping bag.

Police are investigating the footage and trying to locate the man following the incident in the Market Car Park on Saturday September 8.

Footage shows a youth holding a knife

Footage shows a youth holding a knife

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A 14-year-old girl from Preston has since been arrested on suspicion of a public order offence. Read more

Inspector Helen Dixon, of Lancashire Constabulary’s South Division, said: “This is an extremely unpleasant incident and we are working with outreach services in the city to find this man and address any safeguarding concerns.

A crowdfunding page has also been set up to help the homeless man.

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Many readers were dismayed by the footage.

This is so evil and disturbing, beyond belief ! What has that poor man done to deserve such cruelty,hope these animals are found.
Pauline Tavaniello

Parent must be very proud (not)...
Karen Beech

We're not far off communities self policing themselves.
We'll see what are objectively law-abiding people act accordingly in the interest of a safer community.
Andrew Bailey

Name and shame them. Parade them though the streets for all to see..
Steve Humphreys

What kind of kids are going around Preston,,,,complete evil little scumbags!!!!
Tracie Chadwick Antonas

Scum! I hope the man is safe, though
Mandy Proctor ​

Scum of the earth. These inconsiderate animals need to be jailed
Joany Positive Oconnor

Why they talking with different accents? They are from Lancashire not the hood ??
Lesley Hudson