South Ribble Police to give out free faraday bags following spike in car thefts

Faraday bags help keep car keys safe from interference.

By Aimee Seddon
Wednesday, 26th January 2022, 3:14 pm

South Ribble Police have announced that from tomorrow, they will be giving out faraday bags for free, in a bid to tackle the recent spike of car thefts across South Ribble, Leyland and Chorley.

Yesterday, police issued a warning to owners about where they keep their keys, following a recent surge in car thefts across Lancashire, with their advice emphasising the importance of keeping them as far away as possible from the car.

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South Ribble Police are giving out free faraday bags tomorrow following spike in car thefts

Urging residents to remain vigilant, police advised that keys should preferably be kept in a faraday bag or tin foil to stop the thieves using a relay device.

Taking to Facebook today, PC Walker said: "Following on from yesterday’s posts when I mentioned faraday bags, I have managed to secure some funding from the Lancashire Partnership Against Crime for some faraday bags to give out. I only have so many and will be first come first served, but they will be available from Leyland Police Station front desk tomorrow. The opening hours for the desk is 0900-1300 Monday - Friday."

Faraday bags are small, portable bags for keys which block electromagnetic fields, keeping them safe from cyber attacks by car thieves.

For more tips on how to keep your vehicle secure, visit the Lancashire Police website by clicking here.

You can also report any suspicious activity via 999, 101 or online at