Ex-convict says Kirkham Prison librarian's relentless sexual abuse left him feeling there was 'no escape'

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The former prisoner said that Mawdsley rubbed herself against him and also touched his private parts on around 10 occasions when she was working on evening shifts in the library.

A convict in a sexual relationship with a "flirtatious" prison librarian paraded a pair of her knickers to other inmates, it was claimed in court.

The prisoner showed the underwear to other inmates at Kirkham prison as over 20 prisoners stood outside their cell doors before lock up, a jury was told.

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It is claimed that the convict was having a sexual relationship with prison librarian Sharon Mawdsley, 46, who is accused of six separate sex attacks on two other inmates in the library at the prison in May 2018.

The allegation was made at Preston Crown Court by the second complainant who alleges he was the victim of sexual assaults by Mawdsley.

He said he had seen the prisoner with the knickers with his hand up Mawdsley's skirt in the library after another inmate had "played Cupid " to bring them together.

He told the court: "He was leaning into her with his hand up her skirt. I knew exactly what he was doing. Nothing was hidden and she told me to leave."

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On another occasion, he saw Mawdsley in the library with her hand moving up and down in the prisoner's trousers.

He told the court: "He took her underwear and when everyone was standing at the doors one evening, he showed them like a trophy. There were over 20 prisoners who saw it."

The former prisoner said that Mawdsley rubbed herself against him and also touched his private parts on around 10 occasions when she was working on evening shifts in the library.

Kirkham PrisonKirkham Prison
Kirkham Prison

He said he felt that there was "no escape" from her advances and that her behaviour was "common knowledge" among prisoners.

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The ex con told the court: "She was normally just a down to earth person - quite prim and proper. But when she was on her own, there was a change straight away. It was sex talk, making comments like ' how big is your ... ' or ' I can see your .... through your pants.' I heard her say that to a number of guys."

He said that he saw Mawdsley, of Blackpool, "chase" the first complainant around a desk in the library asking him to "show me your penis."

The witness said: "It was loud, it was not like it was a little comment. It was brash. He looked flustered. I did not want to be part of that situation. I did not want to be branded a nonce, a sex offender, because that is like a death sentence in prison."

He said he initially did not report the alleged attacks on him because he feared that Mawdsley would counter claim that she was the victim and lead him to be classed as a sex offender.

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He told the court: "It was a bad scene and it was hard to handle. On one occasion she told me 'I just want to be f***ed.' She would proposition me as I walked past her. I knew the way she was and there was no escape."

The man, who was later transferred to another prison, said that Mawdsley had come up behind him when he was making a cup of tea in the library kitchen and put her hand on his private parts.

On another occasion, he had been sitting opposite her in the library and she had "groped" his thigh near his groin, he claimed.

He claimed that she slapped and pinched his bottom on almost every time that he went into the library.

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Former prison librarian Sharon MawdsleyFormer prison librarian Sharon Mawdsley
Former prison librarian Sharon Mawdsley

He said: "I was grateful if she turned her attention to someone else because it meant it was not happening to me. I just felt pressured. There was this person touching me inappropriately. If she told the governors that that I had touched her, then my life would be ruined."

The witness denied to Mr Stephen Parkinson, defending Mawdsley, that his claims were "complete and utter nonsense."

He admitted that some of his allegations did not feature in his original police statement made in 2018 and also admitted that he had wrongly claimed that Mawdsley had pulled down the trousers of the first complainant.

He said he was mistaken and that had happened to another inmate.

Mawdsley denies six sexual assaults against two former prisoners . She admitted one charge of misconduct in a public office at an earlier hearing.

The trial continues.