Motorcyclist nearly knocked off bike after youths tie rope across roads in Lancaster

A motorcyclist said she was nearly knocked off her bike after youths tied a piece of rope across a road in Lancaster.

By Matthew Calderbank
Wednesday, 27th November 2019, 1:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th November 2019, 9:38 am

The close call happened at around 9.15pm last night (November 26) when Charlene Tyson had been leaving the B&M car park off St. Leonard's Gate.

The 36-year-old said she narrowly avoided a length of rope that had been strung across the exit road in the dark.

Mrs Tyson said the rope had been placed there by a group of youths who she had seen 'messing around' in the Parliament Street Retail Park.

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Charlene Tyson was nearly knocked off her motorbike after a group of youths tied string across a road in Lancaster last night (November 26). Pic: Charlene Tyson

"I was in the car park and had seen them in a huge group messing around with traffic cones and ropes, being a nuisance", said Charlene.

"I had just finished at the Army Cadets and then went to see my husband at work in B&M.

"The group of kids had gone around the corner and tied the rope from lamp post to lamp post.

"I nearly came off my motorbike because I hadn't seen it until the last minute when I was inches away from it.

"A few other people noticed the close call and helped me remove all the ropes and checked to see if I was OK. It could have been a lot worse.

"And this was 100 per cent intentional. They were all stood watching to see if I'd come off the bike. I saw them run off laughing when I had to break sharp to avoid it.

"They had a large amount of rope and I'm guessing they will continue this as a game.

"We need the police to monitor this area more closely as my husband said this happens most nights when he's in work."

She said another rope was later found tied across a road near Kingsway.

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"Two men helped me remove the ropes, but the kids still had a lot of it left over, which they were messing around with in the car park."

Charlene said she tried to report it to Lancashire Police but was unable to get through on 101.

"I waited for the police to pick up but it just kept ringing. It left me worried because I just want drivers and bikers to be alert and stay safe.

"I'm a new rider so I'm still learning balance and such and it really shook me up."

Lancashire Police said it has not received any reports in relation to ropes being placed across roads in Lancaster.

It has also advised people to consider reporting incidents online, or to call back at a less busy time, if 101 calls go unanswered.

“The 101 number is available for members of the public to contact police for non-urgent matters", said a spokesman for Lancashire Police.

"Like many services 101 is busier at some times of the week than others and peak times include evenings and weekends.

"All calls for Lancashire are dealt with by our force control room, which is staffed so there are more people available to answer calls at those peak times.

"However the unpredictable nature of emergency services work means that a serious incident can result in a sudden and dramatic spike in emergency calls to us, which may result in a longer wait for those calling 101.

"If a call is not urgent and it is taking us a little while to answer then it may be worth using another method to report it to us – such as via the force website, where you can report a crime or incident online, contact an officer, or contact the local policing team for your area - or calling back at a less busy time."