Man arrested after stolen £160k Lamborghini spotted on cloned plates in Lancashire

A man has been arrested after police recovered a stolen Lamborghini in East Lancashire yesterday (Wednesday, April 6).

By Matthew Calderbank
Thursday, 7th April 2022, 7:57 am
Updated Thursday, 7th April 2022, 12:15 pm

The Lamborghini Urus was reported stolen from a home in the Midlands last week, but was spotted by eagle-eyed officers who found it disguised with cloned plates in Accrington.

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The supercar, estimated to be worth around £160,000, was seized by police and towed to a local police station to be reunited with its owner.

The driver was arrested at the scene and taken into custody for questioning.

The Lamborghini was recovered by police in Accrington after being reported stolen in the Midlands last week