"Low life cowardly scumbags": Your reaction to the savage homophobic beating of Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams, a receptionist at Holiday Inn, was subjected to a vicious assault outside McDonald's in Friargate on Saturday, July 13.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 4:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 5:44 pm
Lancashire Police are investigating the attack as a hate crime. Pic credit: Ryan Wiliams

Our story of the unprovoked attack which happened after Ryan and his friends had enjoyed a Friday night out in Preston city centre can be read here. Here's a selection of what you had to say:

Totally shocked and disgusted . Let People live their life's x Regardless of their sexualities . They are not preying on children . Hope you make a speedy recovery Ryan . Most people are not homophobic. Just a sick minority.

Janet Greenwood

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Lancashire Police are investigating the attack as a hate crime. Pic credit: Ryan Wiliams

What an horrible thug.hope the lad recovers quickly.. I love his comment about being fabulous. x

Amanda Jane Hopwood

I hope Ryan makes a speedy recovery sending prayers and hugs

Gemma Fuller

Animals who ever did this. Get well soon

Yvonne Atherton

Hope poor lad is on the mend but what happened will always be on his mind every time he is out

Michael Connolly

This country is crying out for a government that has got some backbone, so than can deal with this escalating violence happening everywhere

Ray Collister

Poor lad, hope he recovers quickly and has no lasting effects.....hope they catch the thugs responsible, hope there is CCTV somewhere around with footage!

Joan Lonsdale

If McDonald’s in Preston was a pub it would have been closed by now , it’s about time FOI request was made and the number of incidents highlighted . It should be closed as the current owner accepts no responsibility for what is happening .

June Morville

Time they closed that place. Its a magnet for thugs. Get well soon Ryan xx

Jackie Tew

Anyone who has seen the purpetrators commenting, boasting on your time lines, do the right thing and hand them in. They are a clear danger to the public and if it only took someone's percieved sexuality to attack like animals, imagine what they could do with more heat.

Adam Clayton

Just think, they could be reading these comments, most probably are and they maybe even laughing...Do the decent thing for once hand yourself in...To read there was a woman there to beggars belief, no actually it doesn’t in today’s day and age

Sharon Pitcher

Seriously? We r in 2019 now. Why can’t people just accept people for who they are! The world would be such a happier place! Get well soon!

Sarah Fisher