Jordan Monaghan: Lancashire man jailed for murdering his children and partner has prison sentence increased

A Lancashire murderer who smothered his baby daughter and toddler son before going on to poison his new girlfriend has had his sentence increased.

By Sean Gleaves
Monday, 1st August 2022, 4:51 pm
Updated Monday, 1st August 2022, 4:51 pm

He was initially jailed for life with a minimum term of 40 years.

On July 29, the Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett and four other judges reviewed the sentence handed down to Monaghan, along with four other cases.

The Court of Appeal found the 40 year minimum term imposed by Mr Justice Goose in December was unduly lenient and increased it by eight years.

What did Lancashire Police say?

Det Chief Inspector Pauline Stables, of Lancashire’s Force Major Investigation Team, said: “Our thoughts continue to remain with the families and loved ones of Ruby, Logan and Evie Adams.

“Jordan Monaghan intended to kill his victims covertly and then made significant efforts to cover up what he had done.

Jordan Monaghan has been convicted of murdering his two children and his partner

“It was only after extremely complex and lengthy investigations that we were able to prove that the deaths of both the children and of Evie Adams were premeditated murder.

“It’s positive that the sentence has been reviewed and increased at the Court of Appeal and is reflective of his truly appalling and wicked crimes.

“Once again my thoughts remain with the loved ones of all of Monaghan’s victims.”

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Baby Ruby died when she was just 24 days old (Image: PA)

What crimes did Monaghan commit?

The construction worker smothered 24-day-old Ruby as she slept in a Moses basket at their home in Blackburn, Lancashire, on New Year's Day.

Ruby's mother Laura Gray, 28, was sleeping upstairs at the time.

Eight months later, he took 21-month-old Logan to Waves swimming pool in Blackburn and smothered him while they were alone in a changing room cubicle.

Logan Monaghan (Image: PA)

Preston Crown Court heard the day before Logan's death, Ms Gray had told Monaghan their relationship was over after discovering he owed thousands of pounds in gambling debts.

Six years later, while on bail, he poisoned his new partner 23-year-old Evie Adams.

How was Monaghan caught?

Monaghan sought to cover his murderous actions by presenting both deaths as tragic natural causes.

Ruby’s and Logan’s deaths were investigated by the police, but Ruby’s death was attributed to bronchiolitis and Logan's cause of death remained "unascertained".

Both had been seen by medics in the days and months before their deaths, but other than usual childhood illnesses no serious medical condition was found.

Evie Adams (Image: PA)

Monaghan then tried to kill a third child in 2016.

She survived but cannot be identified for legal reasons.

After the attempted murder of the third child, police reviewed the deaths of the first two children and further evidence supported the fact they had died as a result of Monaghan deliberately restricting their breathing.

Lancashire’s Force Major Investigation Team launched a murder investigation.

Monaghan was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder and was on bail, pending a comprehensive investigation which included further forensic evidence and prosecution advice.

As the investigation continued, Monaghan began a “toxic” relationship with Evie Adams, 23.

Police warned her not to be with him and a court order was made banning contact.

But the relationship continued and, while on bail for the murder of his children, Monaghan killed Miss Adams after she threatened to dump him.

Monaghan told her: “I won't keep putting up with you saying we are over.”

The defendant illegally bought strong prescription drugs on the black market via WhatsApp and other contacts.

Miss Adams was found to have tramadol, diazepam, amitriptyline, zopiclone and pregabalin medication in her body after her collapse and death on October 24, 2019.

She died from tramadol and diazepam toxicity.

A full Major Investigation Team investigation began into Evie’s death, which led to the discovery of crucial evidence that led to his conviction.

When was Monaghan charged?

What did the mother of Logan and Ruby say?

Ms Gray, in her victim impact statement, parts of which were read to the court, said: “All I ever wanted to be was to be a mum and give my children the love and opportunities I never had growing up.

“When the children were born they consumed my world. I loved every single day I had with them.

“Jordan was their daddy, he was one of the two people who was meant to love and protect them the most in the whole world.

“Instead he did the opposite.”