Chorley raging drunk knocked out passer-by

A raging drunken man left a good Samaritan unconscious as she helped an elderly woman out of his way.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 9:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 10:01 am

Paul Riley, 36, of Wordsworth Terrace, Chorley, shoved the woman out of his path, causing her to hit her head, as he was pushed out of the Prince of Wales pub in Chorley on December 20.

At the time Riley was being forced out of the pub after he had punched the landlady.

Prosecuting at Preston Magistrates’ Court, Pam Ward said: “At about 3pm the defendant entered the pub in a drunken state. He was swearing and abusive and she asked him to leave. He pushed her to the chest. She again asked him to leave and again he pushed her. She took him by the arms and pushed him out telling him not to return.

“But he returned with a pint glass in his hand swearing and trying to fight with people.

“He was throwing punches at the woman and one connected with her stomach.”

The court heard another lady saw him being pushed out of the pub and went to help an elderly lady down the steps and out of his way, but he knocked into her so hard she hit her head and was knocked out.

He admitted assaulting the landlady and the customer.

Defending, James Ball said Riley had been a recovering alcoholic and had spent time in Thailand where he was asked to do counselling work that he was not trained to cope with. He said he returned to the UK and relapsed.

He said: “He has not had a drink since December 20.”

The bench ordered Riley to pay each of the women £100 compensation and complete 60 hours unpaid work. He must also pay an £85 surcharge and £40 costs.