Canadian Circus Show to visit Leyland

Faltyny Rebels perform with the flame throwing carFaltyny Rebels perform with the flame throwing car
Faltyny Rebels perform with the flame throwing car
Optimus Prime will be dropping in at Worden Park this week as part of a never-been-seen circus act.

The new addition is Planet Circus’s masterpiece and has been three years in the making.The Transformer character will be unveiled at The Great Canadian Circus Show on Wednesday May 3 and will remain until Sunday May 7.The show also includes the world’s most dangerous circus act Team Brazil in The Splitting Globe of Death, with motorcyclists speeding around inside a steel cage at over 60mph.Direct from Monte Carlo, Circus Festival Gold Medal winners The Faltyny Family amaze with their amazing whirlwind acts that will keep you on the edge of your seats.From Australia, comes the celebrated Brophy Family with their Wild West whip cracking and gun tooting spectacular. High in the roof of the big top the Eremia Brothers will amaze you with their high speed skill on the thrilling Wheel of Death their amazing energy and style is certain to get your pulse racing,Performance times are 5pm and 7.30pm weekdays; Saturday 2pm and 5pm and Sunday 1pm and 3.30pm.Family offer £25, or ticket prices start at £8 with a 50 per cent off voucher. Pay on the door on arrival or visit