Brits losing millions by not switching broadband

Millions of lazy Brits are losing a fortune on broadband bills - because they can't be bothered to switch providers, a new report reveals.

Consumers can save £300 a year by changing suppliers, according to a survey of over 4,300 people who switched this year.

But nearly half of Brits, dubbed CBeeBies - Can’t Be Bothereds - haven’t switched or even attempted to find a better deal in the last five years.

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And a further third have only changed broadband providers once over the same period.

But unsurprisingly three-quarters of consumers said they would take up a new broadband deal now in exchange for £300.

Dan Howdle, Director of Communications for Ofcom-accredited broadband price comparison site said: “Like bank accounts and energy providers, loyalty is expensive.

“There is a huge disparity between those that have ever switched and those who would take the amount they could save in exchange for doing so.

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“This points both to unawareness and a misplaced sense of loyalty when it comes to getting the cheapest and best broadband deals.

“To those who would spend the savings on a better Christmas next year, I offer this advice - switch your broadband deal now and start putting what you save to one side.

“Almost everyone who is not within the minimum term of their contract can switch and save and doing so is both seamless and easier than it has ever been.”

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