Boy Blue creators take political turn in new resort-bound work

Boy Blue's Blak Whyte GrayBoy Blue's Blak Whyte Gray
Boy Blue's Blak Whyte Gray
One of the country's top street dance companies returns to Blackpool with a new Olivier-nominated work.

Boy Blue presents Blak Whyte Gray, at the Grand Theatre on Thursday, September 20 is billed as ‘a personal response by Boy Blue’s founders to their experiences and observations of the world.’

The company’s date at the Grand Theatre is their only scheduled performance of the piece outside London this year.

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A spokesman said: “The time is right to ask questions, to break free from a system that isn’t working, to emerge on the other side to an awakening – a return to roots, a celebration of culture.

“Fierce and affecting, this galvanising hip-hop dance performance reflects themes of identity, oppression and transcendence.

“Blak Whyte Gray is set to the resonating sounds of a multi-layered score. The powerful choreography and staging make for an image-rich production with political bite.

“Fuelled by an emotional energy, this triple bill pairs the concentrated physicality of select hip-hop dance styles with the rhythmical groove of music and moves evoking Africa.”

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The show follows on from ‘story-driven hits’ such as The Five & the Prophecy of Prana, and sees Boy Blue’s founders Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy and Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante ‘inject Blak Whyte Gray with an unexpected abstract quality, revealing a different side to the company’s personality.’

Call 01253 290190 to book.

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