94-year-old Sybil knits for the needy

SHE might be 94-years-old but plucky Sybil Edwards isn’t too old to help “oldest and coldest.”

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 29th September 2015, 6:15 am
Kind: Sybil Edwards is knitting for the needy
Kind: Sybil Edwards is knitting for the needy

The kind-hearted pensioner, who knits for the needy, is looking for helpers for the first time in her life.

Sybil has been collecting yarn for a few months but admits she is not quick enough to use it all in time for winter.

Now she’s looking for some volunteers to help her warm up the most needy this winter.

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“I’m getting old now and I wouldn’t be able to make all the things that are needed,” she said. “I want to make scarves, jackets, mittons and socks to help keep older people in the town warm during winter but I’m going to need some help.”

Sybil, of Garstang, once supplied a South African orphanage with knitted goods, and says people would be surprised how many older people need help keeping warm.

She said: “I know my hands and feet get really cold so I like to try and help others.

“I’ve always liked knitting and I’d like to think I’m good at it too but I’m just not very quick any more and can’t fit my big sewing machine where I need to so I’m looking for some volunteers to help me.

“I have lots of wool and lots of people have kindly donated it, so I’m open to people coming to collect it and using it.”

Sybil has lived in Garstang for nearly 15 years and began her working life as a bookkeeper for several companies in Manchester.

She says she remembers going to work while the city was being bombed and began knitting for babies and children from the age of 15.

“My father got me into a job as soon as I left school,” she said. “He was a fabulous father but he would never have seen me being bone idle and so I was always looking for things to do. That’s how I got into knitting and at my age I haven’t got much to do apart from trips out every now and again, so knitting helps keep me going. What I’d like people to do is come round to the house and pick up the wool and then we can discuss what they’d like to make and how to distribute it because I’ve got lots of different wools.”

You can write to Sybil at 2 Oak Road, Garstang.