17m high Vodafone antenna plans rejected

Planning permission for a 17.5 metre high radio antenna have been rejected by Preston City Council

The plans, submitted by WFS Telecom on behalf of telecommunications giant Vodafone, would have seen the 17.5m high construction built at Neal’s Bakehouse, 223 Tag Lane, on the corner of the junction between Tag Lane and Ventnor Place, Ingol.

Planning documents show that the project was rejected by case officer Victoria Bates on August 25.

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During the consultation process, a neighbouring occupier objected on the grounds of its “unacceptable visual impact”.

The case officer’s decision notice said: “By reason of its height, bulky antennas and siting, the proposed monopole would appear unacceptably incongruous and conspicuous within the street scene and would have an unacceptable dominating impact on neighbouring occupiers when viewed from the nearby habitable room windows of neighbouring residential properties.”