Lancashire nostalgia in 1973: No beer, Ringway chaos and PNE board to quit

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1973:

By Naomi Moon
Thursday, 4th April 2019, 2:33 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th April 2019, 2:39 pm
It is feared pubs will run dry of draught beer due to brewery strikes
It is feared pubs will run dry of draught beer due to brewery strikes

‘No beer’ pubs may have to close as strike enters sixth day

Hundreds of pubs in Lancashire may soon have to close because of a beer crisis, resulting from a strike of brewery workers, now in its sixth day.

Nine-hundred delivery men, and production workers at the Joshua Tetley Brewery at Warrington have stopped work to cause a “desperate” beer shortage. Worried landlords are saying they will have to close if they don’t get beer soon.

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Confusion reigned in Preston town centre with the introduction of the Ringway

The strike is over the company’s plan to open a new distribution depot, in the Preston area.

Already pubs in Southport and Ormskirk have run out of draught beer and in Preston, landlady Mrs Jean Shipley, of the Boars Head, Friargate, said she was out of beer but had no worries that her regulars would be back after the strike ended. Bottled beer would last for a day or two.

Mr Tom Lowe at The Ribbleton was in a better position with two or three days’ supply of draught beer left.

“But this can affect our regulars because people come from other pubs which have no beer,” he said.

Preston North End's board of directors have agreed in principle to a takeover deal

Mr Lowe was lucky in having a delivery a few days before the strike began.

Clubs in the Preston area may also be affected by the strike.

A spokesman at the depot which delivers Tetley beer to them said supplies were running low.

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New traffic scheme has motorists April-fooled

Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows - that was Preston’s new traffic scheme which had drivers properly April-fooled on its first morning of operation.

Like ball-bearings placed on a spinning gramophone turntable, motorists attempting to get into the town centre were flung out again to resume the dizzy battle, until finally they gave up in despair and either blatantly ignored the ‘no entry’ signs or took refuge in the Value Added Taxed car parks.

A blinding snowstorm made matters even worse as drivers concentrated on the primary job of seeing the road ahead, never mind puzzling out the new traffic signs.

The police were out in force answering the flood of queries from drivers, many of whom were still aimlessly cruising the streets long after they should have been at their office desks.

Queues built up, especially along Church Street, were cars were diverted up Pole Street, and at most of the traffic signs, where drivers sat and scratched their heads for a few moments before taking the plunge. But generally few major snarl-ups developed.

The aim of the scheme, to divert traffic along Ringway, seemed to be partially successful.

Though at Miller Arcade some cars went round the block three or more times before ducking out in confusion.

We’re set to quit says PNE board

The “takeover” bid for Preston North End has been given a provisional go-ahead by the board of directors.

After meeting for more than six hours, in three sessions, they finally agreed to accept the proposals made by the eight Lancashire business and professional men, if the £150,000 mentioned by the consortium can be deposited for the club - and providing the board cannot raise a similar amount in the meantime.

The ball is therefore back in the court of Mr Tom Croft, and his seven colleagues, but they anticipate no difficulty in complying with the board’s request and it looks as if they may well be in charge at Deepdale in the near future, with the present directors resigning to make way for them.

Mr Bob Wade, said, on behalf of the group, that they were “generally optimistic” and that they would be giving an answer to the board within the next few days.

Afterwards, Mr David Eaves, another of the eight, said: “We welcome the statement issued by the Board. We are reviewing the various aspects of the situation and a further statement will be issued as soon as possible.”