Warnings over new £100 parking fines at Buckshaw coffee shop

Visitors to Starbucks in Buckshaw Village are being warned about new £100 car park fines.

Recently, number place recognition cameras have been installed at the site which is adjacent to Euro Garages off Eaton Avenue.

Warning signs say the car park is for customers only, with free parking limited to 90 minutes. Fines paid within 14 days are reduced to £60, with no concessions for Blue Badge holders.

Comments have been left on a social media page by several people claiming to have been fined, or who have heard of it happening to others.

Signs at Starbucks in Buckshaw Village

One wrote: “I have just received a parking fine for parking at Starbucks Euro Garages Matrix Point BP.

“We bought coffee at Starbucks and weren’t aware that there is now evidently a time limit on parking there - which seems crazy as we regularly have a couple of coffees in there and are generally there for a couple of hours!

“Anyone else had this issue? Be careful if you are visiting!”

One man replied: “I’ve seen this posted a few times over the last few weeks, shocking.”

Several warning signs are on display

Another said: “I used to go and work from there and meet colleagues and was often over the two hours. I won’t be doing that anymore and risking a fine.”

Others questioned whether fines couldbe avoided by showing proof of purchase either at Starbucks or at the fuel station, but this has not been made clear.

Starbucks were contacted for information on the new scheme, but did not respond.


The ANPR cameras

Fines issues by private companies are not the same as fines issued by councils.

Megan French of Moneysavingexpert.com said unfair tickets should be challenged, but this is only if there are certain grounds such as an unclear sign, technology faults or overzealous attendants.

She said: “If you get an unfair ticket in a private car park, don’t automatically pay it. These supposed ‘fines’ handed out are merely invoices, often unenforceable.”

Fines issued by councils are called Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) and are designed to improve road safety for all users. If you pay the PCN within 14 days you will only be liable to pay half of the total charge.