10 sweets that only a certain generation of Prestonians will remember

Let us take you back to the good old days - when the hardest decision you had to make is what sweetie you wanted that week.

Long before the days of sugar taxes and worrying about our waistlines, what joy it was to walk into the tuck shop after school and decide which little treasures would be going in your paper bag.

Would you have a quarter of cola cubes, maybe some chocolate mice, or perhaps a sherbert fountain?

And our love of these sweets seemingly stays with us into adulthood, with Hancocks sweets, which has a distribution centre in Bamber Bridge, selling hundreds of retro lines.

Have a look here at the 4,000 different types of sweets inside the Bamber Bridge warehouse

Kathryn Hague, head of marketing from Hancocks said: “We all get nostalgic over the sweets we remember from our childhood and that’s why many of them are still around and are still popular decades later.

“Who doesn’t remember going into the sweetshop after school and choosing a Wham Bar or a bag of Cola Cubes to share around your friends - or eat the whole lot yourself!

“Our favourite childhood sweets do take us all back to years gone by and could almost be seen as a little bit of gentle escapism.

“Let’s hope in years to come today’s children will be as nostalgic about the sweets they’re currently enjoying as much as older generations are. I suspect they will!’