Creative problem solver creates dog poo bag dispenser in Croston

One of the dog poo bag dispensers in Croston villageOne of the dog poo bag dispensers in Croston village
One of the dog poo bag dispensers in Croston village
A village which is a contender for Britain in Bloom has come up with a creative idea to enourage walkers to pick up their dog mess.

Plastic drink bottles attached to lamp posts and fences can now be spotted around the village stuffed full of poo bags.

Chairman of Croston in Bloom, Anne Peet said: “Bloom committee member Martin Chaplin has come up with an innovative idea to try and stop some of the awful piles of dog mess which are currently blighting our street.

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“It’s still in the development stage but is basically a pop bottle containing poo bags so no-one can make the excuse that they forget theirs.

“They have been placed on the green, Town Road and Station Road by the old Methodist school.”

The message, which was posted on facebook prompted a flurry of responses.

Steve Thorp said: “Well done Croston for leading the way. Other villages take note.”

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Dog owner Mandy Hilton added: “It’s a great idea and thank you. There is a huge rise I think in the amount of dog excrement left on paths these days. “We have the same problem in Bretherton.” However Margaret Mee commented that that Bretherton needed more dog poo bins.