10 Christmas foods that are toxic for your pets – plus warning signs to look out for

As Christmas day draws closer, many of us will already be sneaking a taste of our favourite festive snacks.

And with a lot of food thrown away over the Christmas period, you may be tempted to treat your pets to some of the leftovers.

However, some common Christmas foods can actually make our pets seriously ill, so it is important to know which ones should be avoided.

Even if your cat or dog has only eaten a small amount of these foods, it's important to do the following:

Call the vet straight away - Don’t wait for your pet to start showing symptoms. A vet will be able to offer advice, and the quicker you act, the better chance your pet will have of recovery.

Note the time and quantity of food ingested – Provide the vet with as much information as you can. This includes the time your pet ate the unsafe food, brand names, the ingredient list and how much you think they consumed

Don’t try to make your pet sick – Attempting this can cause further health complications. Leave this to your vet, as they are trained to do this in a safe manner.

Animal health specialists at OurFitPets have put together a list of common Christmas foods that can cause serious health problems for cats and dogs, as well as advice on what you should do if your furry friend accidentally eats any of these foods.

They are ...