The Chorley Guardian reaches its 150th anniversary after being published for the first time on November 4 1871

The anniversary has arrived in a  special week for regional media; as this week (up to Sunday November 7) is Journalism Matters Week.

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Thursday, 4th November 2021, 1:10 pm
There's a special 12-page supplement in the Chorley Guardian this week marking the paper's 150th anniversary on November 4
There's a special 12-page supplement in the Chorley Guardian this week marking the paper's 150th anniversary on November 4

Editor of the Chorley Guardian, Jane Clare, says: “It’s a week when regional media raises awareness of the crucial role journalism has, and will continue to play.

“Our relationship with, and support of, the community is as important as ever as we step out of (fingers crossed) the days of the pandemic.”

Last year, the Chorley Guardian's Project Feed Chorley campaign was nominated in the inaugural Journalism Matters Week awards.

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Helen Schilz at the LW Storehouse foodbank

The then Guardian editor Nicola Adam launched the fundraising campaign to build a new warehouse at the LW Storehouse foodbank.

Says Jane Clare: "Just five months later, after raising more than £20,000 in six weeks, the food bank officially opened the warehouse.

"Now if that doesn’t illustrate that journalism matters ... that we can help to muster the community with a common aim ... then I don’t what does.

"It was a great example of the community pulling together; and the influence of the press."

Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP for Chorley and Speaker of the House of Commons

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, MP for Chorley and the Speaker of the House of Commons, said of the paper’s anniversary: “I would like to begin this contribution by saying congratulations to the Chorley Guardian on reaching such an important milestone.

“150 years of providing local news is a major achievement!

"The paper has reported on local news and witnessed significant changes and historical events along the way.”

He continued: “I still believe the need for a strong and trusted local paper is as important now as it was 150 years ago."

The Mayor of Chorley, Coun Steve Holgate

Of Journalism Matters Week, Sir Lindsay says: "With the growth of fake news, misleading and sometimes dangerous speculation which is purported as the truth, the need for independent and strong news sources such as our local newspapers is even more essential."

The Mayor of Chorley, Coun Steve Holgate, said: “On behalf of everyone at Chorley Council, I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive ‘congratulations’ to the Chorley Guardian on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.

“It’s safe to say a fair few things have changed since that very first edition all those years ago, but for all the many differences in our everyday lives - not least to the way in which we consume our news - a quality local newspaper remains an invaluable asset to any town.

“In this age of fake news and ‘alternative facts’, amplified through the unfiltered noise of social media, it’s so important there is a trusted source of information to which we can all turn.

The Chorley Guardian being produced in the 1940s. Picture courtesy of Stuart Clewlow

“Chorley is fortunate to have such a newspaper, that values proper journalism and seeks to report on issues that matter to local people.”

The Mayor concludes: "At their best, local newspapers are also a celebration of local life: of our sense of community, the kindness and dedication of local people, and the moments (happy and sad) when we come together as one."

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Project Feed Chorley: We look back on the time the people of Chorley pulled toge...

The Chorley Guardian has been marking its anniversary with its Chorley 150 series.

Jane Clare says: “We haven’t forgotten our roots and where we’ve come from."

She explains: “Stories are always about people, no matter how they may be veiled in red tape, in a tangle of gobbledegook words and officialdom.

The Chorley Guardian being produced in the 1940s. Picture courtesy of Stuart Clewlow

“That’s why I chose to mark the Chorley Guardian’s 150th anniversary with stories about Chorley's people, places, campaigners, charities, businesses, actors, singers, writers, events and nostalgia.

“What a privilege it has been to dig deeper, to curate and collate 150 reasons to celebrate Chorley.”

Several of those 150 reasons - many of them people making their mark in the community - are included in a 12-page anniversary supplement published in this week’s Chorley Guardian.

The Chorley 150 series also includes events which took place this year - who can forget Nancy Pelosi’s visit? - and poignant wartime memories and tales of nostalgia, written by local historian Stuart Clewlow.

The full 150 line-up will be published online.

If you'd like to nominate someone, a business, charity or landmark, for the Chorley 150 series then email [email protected]

The Chorley Guardian is featuring 150 stories about Chorley: Inspirational people, places that we love, or special moments in the life of the borough.