Entrepreneur asks for corneal disease support

A leading tech guru is calling for businesses and investors to spend wisely to help find a cure for corneal disease.

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Tuesday, 2nd June 2020, 7:24 am
Corneal diseases have a huge impact on individuals and their families
Corneal diseases have a huge impact on individuals and their families

The Tej Kohli Foundation, a humanitarian enterprise, is investing in firms which try to alleviate world health problems.

Corneal diseases have a huge impact on individuals and their families, and often lead to extreme hardship.

Philanthropist and investor Tej Kholi and his wife Wendy are part of a global movement, aiming to eradicate corneal blindness worldwide by 2035.

What are corneal diseases?

Blindness or partial sightedness are serious disabilities that can leave sufferers feeling bereft and debilitated. Following on from this, corneal diseases are underlying conditions which often lead to vision loss through the clouding, distortion, and scarring of your eyes. It’s obvious how life-changing this kind of condition can be and they take as much of a psychological toll as they do a physical one.

Mr Kohli said: “If you’re like me, you probably feel compelled to help sufferers but don’t know how you can. I want to highlight how we can fight corneal diseases and support those affected by them. Read on and find out how you can do your part.”

Support networks in the UK

There are loads of support networks and charities all in aid of those living with partial or total blindness. These organisations include charities like www.RoyalBlind.org and www.RNIB.org.uk, who build communities for those with vision loss – in turn giving them a platform to share and have their experiences validated, whilst also helping them to seek physical or psychological support.

These organisations are often looking for volunteers or donors – the Foundation organisers say this is a great way to help.

“One popular way to do so is by organising a fundraiser, whether that’s through participating in a marathon or contributing to a community bake sale. These are tried and tested ways to raise money for something you feel passionately about whilst helping to raise awareness, too. The more people know about corneal diseases and their impact, the more likely they are to rally against them.

Providing jobs

Having employment is essential for people’s sense of purpose and autonomy, as corneal disease causes a degradation of the sufferer’s eyesight, this often results in them being unable to complete the work they’re employed/qualified for and losing their jobs, throwing their livelihoods into a tailspin. And, with everyone else in the country right now, there is the added risk of redundancy because of coronavirus.

Entrepreneur Mr Kohli said: “If you’re a business owner who feels you have work that would be safe and suitable for someone with corneal disease, then this is where you could step forward and make a real difference.”

Humanitarian Investments

Mr Kohli believes investing and philanthropy are intrinsically linked. “By providing a company with funding, you’re supporting their growth and production. So, turn your investments into an act of humanity by giving capital to businesses which tackle corneal diseases or provide resources and support to their sufferers.”

You can see how this works by looking at the example of Tej Kohli, who has invested millions of dollars into developing research and technology which aims to cure corneal diseases. By investing in these companies rather than donating to charities, you can be assured your money is going right to the heart of the problem.

Mr Kohli added: “And that’s how you can tackle corneal diseases and support sufferers. Even a little kindness can make a massive difference.”