Coronavirus: Lostock Hall church vows to continue fighting food poverty during Covid-18 outbreak

A Lostock Hall church has vowed to continue feeding vulnerable people for as long as possible during the coronavirus outbreak.

By Laura Longworth
Thursday, 19th March 2020, 5:00 pm
Updated Friday, 20th March 2020, 7:42 am
Wendy Hodgson, the voluntary coordinator of New Day Church's food bank.
Wendy Hodgson, the voluntary coordinator of New Day Church's food bank.

New Day Church's food bank in Ward Street will continue to battle food poverty despite several elderly volunteers being forced to step-down while self-isolating.

Coordinator Wendy Hodgson says the food bank's traditional method of delivering essential items to service users will allow it to carry on as normal.

She said: "Social distancing will have a huge impact but we're still getting regular donations. It hasn't hit us too hard, as the local community has been fantastic regarding donations.

"Our intention is to continue for as long as we have supplies, as this is an essential service."

Several elderly volunteers were forced to step down from their role following the Government's announcement earlier this week that over-70s should self-isolate.

But Wendy's team was able to enlist two more helpers.

They are now putting measures in place to make it easier to donate money online.

"Some of our regular donators, such as local clubs, might not be able to collect items for us, as they won't be meeting. But by donating online, people can still help us, even if practically they can't because they're self-isolating," said Wendy.

And if anyone is struggling to travel to a traditional food bank referrer, a neighbour can obtain this on their behalf.

Donated items can still be dropped off at the church.

If you are a referrer or would like to make a donation, please call Wendy on 01772 461454 or 07928 335679.

For more information, search for New Day Church Foodbank, Lostock Hall on Facebook.