"This is not on": Reader's react to story about New Longon leavers being told there's no room on the Penwortham Girl's school bus

Yesterday, the Post shared the story of one New Longton family, who were told their Year 6 child could not get a space on the secondary school bus in September.

By Aimee Seddon
Tuesday, 26th July 2022, 12:10 pm

Daniel Coxhead’s step-daughter Paige was one of eight girls in her New Longton Primary School class, that were told there was no space on the 680 school bus to Penwortham Girl’s High School.

Lancashire County Council suggested that instead their daughter should get the number 12 public bus or walk, an alternative which the family thought was unacceptable, citing safety and environmental issues.

The story received a big reaction online, from those who could share similar stories and those who wished to add their opinion on the matter.

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Most of the Post's readers were sympathetic to the story of Daniel and his step-daughter, Paige.

Did anyone else relate?

Susan Briggs: “This is nothing new, this bus has been too full for years. Every year people get told this and nothing changes”

Rachel Astbury: “history repeating itself”

Kelly Marie Oldfield: “It's the same with the majority of school buses, happened to my son last year, told to use public transport but this would have been two buses. One of the other parents spoke to the coach company who advised they did have bigger coaches but the council needed to request it. Let's just say this didn't happen. We are now in the same boat this year.”

What did the sympathisers say?

Elaine Brown: "If school bus full simple hire another one kids need get school must been aware numbers pupils needing bus sort it”

Pauline Burke: “If its too full then they should be prioritising the younger kids and let the older ones take the normal bus.”

Sophie Richardson: “If this young girl was to even get the number 12 it doesn’t go past the high school and would either have to wait for another bus or walk which is a fair distance from the stop she would have to get off. I strongly agree with the parents year 7 pupil should be prioritised”

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Kiah Nicole: “I can’t understand why they won’t put on another bus? They quite clearly have the need for it”

Lakhvir Kaur: “Poor kid”

Allison Morley: “This is not on. Write to your local MP demanding an additional mini bus service or taxi service for the surplus children unable to get the bus.”

Bev Bent: “I would have thought that year 7 would be prioritised over the other years as it’s a completely new experience for them. Too much to take in all in a short space of time.

Was anyone less than sympathetic?

Linda Prescott: "Couldn't the 8 get the bus together or the parents car share? Perhaps the parents should promote independent travel over the summer, ready for September!”

David Richardson: “Just walk.”

Robert Sturdy: “Why can't they get a normal bus that'll go right passed cop lane or maybe walk x”

Nicola Sarah: “Hold fire I felt sorry for you until you said why are you not prioritising year 7 excuse me why is your child more important than any of the rest of the years

Joan Thompson: “Sometimes “school buses” are dreadful to travel on. My granddaughter was really bullied right up to Y11. Maybe the normal bus might not be such a bad option travelling with adults.”

Ange Gray: “I'm more shocked and disgusted at the price of the bus pass!”