More than 1500 student coronavirus tests expected at Fulwood school

Fulwood Academy is preparing to welcome its students back today and principal David Lancaster will also welcome 10 new staff to the school to help with coronavirus testing.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 8:46 am

Mr Lancaster said: "We are delighted that all our students will return to Fulwood this week.

"We have demanded a great deal of ourselves as we prepare for our reopening.

"We have recruited 10 additional fully-trained staff to assist us in the testing process and the Government has supported us with additional funding for this.

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Photo Neil Cross; Fulwood Academy head teacher David Lancaster.

“School is going to be busy enough as we help all our students reintegrate, without having a significant number of staff managing the testing as well.”

The school leader expects that 1,500 tests will be carried out in the next two weeks and 80% of Fulwood’s 711 students have indicated that they will take the tests.

"Our testing plan has been explained to all students and families, and we will conduct three tests on each student whose family has given permission,” Mr Lancaster said.

"Students will arrive and sit in an area where they watch a video on how to do the test. They then swab their tonsils and nose, and pass the swab to a ‘tester’ who then conducts the Lateral flow test.

Photo Neil Cross; Ellie Jo prepares for her COVID-19 test at Fulwood Academy.

"The tests are part of our overall risk assessment to ensure we keep all staff and students as safe as possible whilst also ensuring we maximise learning.”

Students will see a phased return this week and the Year 11 group were the first to return to the classroom today.

Mr Lancaster thanked his ‘incredible’ team of staff at the academy for helping to put testing and safety measures in place.

“We have a mindset at the school that we always try our personal best, and there are no excuses,” he said.

Photo Neil Cross; The sports hall is readied for COVID-19 tests at Fulwood Academy.

"The staff have embodied that as much as the students over recent weeks, and have ensured we are ready for our amazing young people to return to school.

The principal also thanked parents and carers for their support and hard work during the lockdown.

"I believe that this lockdown has been the most challenging for us all,” he said, “and we have been humbled by the support we have received from our parent body."

Photo Neil Cross; Michael having a COVID-19 test at Fulwood Academy.
The academy expects to carry out around 1,500 tests in the next two weeks.