Lancashire County Council respond to overcrowded school figures in Preston and surrounding areas

See what the council had to say regarding the overcrowded school figures below.

By Aimee Seddon
Thursday, 28th April 2022, 3:53 pm

Recently, the Post has reported on the number of schools in Preston and its surrounding areas that were over subscribed in 2020/2021 according to the latest figures from the Department of Education.

Across Preston, Chorley and Leyland, there were six secondary schools that were over capacity, whilst in the city of Preston alone, 19 primary schools were.

In a statement sent to the Post today, Lancashire County Council has confirmed there are some issues with capacity across the county but that work is continually being done to improve this.

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Lancashire County Council have admitted that some schools across the county are oversubscribed but that work is continually being done to address this.

Edwina Grant OBE, Executive Director of Education and Children’s Services at Lancashire County Council, said: "We do recognise that there are some schools that are oversubscribed at the current time in the Preston area and some other areas such as Chorley in the county .

"We work very closely with our schools and their governing bodies to ensure that each school is able to accommodate the appropriate number of children each year and follow our statutory responsibility in terms of school placements and access to schools.

"As districts such as Preston expand their housing stock we endeavour to work closely with district councils to ensure we are aligning our resources regarding the provision of school places.

"Our Schools Place Planning Strategy which was released in November last year is clear about the plans the authority has to ensure we place children in their school of choice as far as we are able and we will continue to work with our schools and district councils to achieve the best education we can."

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