Young forge way through gloom

Lasma Dudina, 19, Latvia but living in Kirkham.Lasma Dudina, 19, Latvia but living in Kirkham.
Lasma Dudina, 19, Latvia but living in Kirkham.
Economic prospects are at their lowest level for generations but tenacious Lancashire youngsters appear to be finding a new way in the world.

With young people not expected to earn the basic cost of living until their 30s, many young adults are changing their priorities instead of worrying about how they will make ends meet in the future.

Travelling around the world and working from home have become more and more popular, with ever-rising property prices seeing home ownership fall to its lowest levels for 30 years.

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A new report even found nearly one in three young graduates in the area now regret going to university because of the amount of debt they are left with.

But teenagers like 19-year-old Lasma Dudina say her future is bright, with plans for travelling around the world despite the gloomy facts and figures.

She said. “I don’t want to be my parents. Not because of anything bad, I just think we’re different in the things they wanted at my age.”

Today, we speak to seven other young adults about how they are carving out a new way in an uncertain world.

See today Lancashire Evening Post for the full story.

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