Some 200 full and part-time jobs will be created from fire-hit Adlington firm's rebuild

A company which was hit by a fierce blaze two years ago is set to rebuild - creating 200 jobs.
The blazing Fairport site in February 2019The blazing Fairport site in February 2019
The blazing Fairport site in February 2019

Fire tore through the Fairport Holdings warehouse in Adlington in February 2019.

The blaze broke out just before midnight on February 3 and, at its height, was tackled by a dozen fire engines and more than 100 firefighters.

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It caused significant destruction to the firm's complex on Market Place.- leaving other buildings in a dangerous and unusable state which resulted in their demolition.

The Fairport site is mainly occupied by businesses it operates, which include the manufacture and refurbishment of large waste containers and a transport operation,

Planning permission was granted in January 2020 to generally replace the buildings lost in the fire.

Now though, Faiirport - a long-standing employer in the village,- has come up with a revised scheme that is seen to be more suitable to run a modern business.

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The new proposals include erecting four mew industrial buildings.

The buildings will be located either side of a central access road, with a central HGV turning facility and dedicated car parking and external areas to support the use of each unit.

They will provide modern employment accommodation that offers 'flexibility to meet a range of occupier needs'.

Three of the buildings will provide accommodation that can be subdivided, with each smaller unit being served by roller shutter access.

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Overall, the four buildings will be sub-divided to create 11 individual units.

Access to the site will be from the existing access from Railway Road via Railway View/Back Railway View, which was the main access before the fire.

A new access leading to the new units will be provided off Back Railway View.

A planning statement in support of the application, which has been submitted to Chorley Council, states: "The proposed development will have a direct, positive impact on economic activity in Adlington, providing floorspace that will generate new job opportunities for local people.

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"Based on the Homes & Communities Agency’s Employment Density Guide, the proposed 4,939m2 scheme has the potential to create in the region of 113 full time equivalent jobs, which could conservatively translate into 200 full and part-time job opportunities."

The statement says the new planning proposals will also reduce the number of heavy goods vehicle movements circulating the site and using any single point of access.